Volunteering and practice



In accordance with the social project "Ideas changing the world" at the Library of the First President – Elbassy established the Center of cultural and educational work and upbringing of youth "Kemel El" (hereinafter – the Centre "Kemel El")

Center "Kemel El" is working to promote the ideas and initiatives of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation in the Republic. The activities of the Centre "Kemel El" will effectively solve the problem of socialization and targeted work with young people, the development of the club movement and volunteering: the project is universal, intended for different categories of local youth (school students, Vet and universities, employed, self-employed, socially vulnerable, inclusive) and other segments of the population. Organizational development of the project involves the opening of the centers "Kemel El" in the regions, based on the membership of the regional centres will be young people trained on a two-day training seminar and are included in the Centre's "Kemel El" under the state institution "The Library of the First President – Elbassy". Coordination of cooperation with partners (representatives of the scout, volunteer movement, etc.) and organization of work with young people at the regional level will be the anchor organizations of the project based on guidelines, training materials, counselling centre, cultural-educational work and upbringing of youth "Kemel El" under the state institution "The Library of the First President – Elbassy".  



The Library organized in 2016 on its basis a work practice for students of Gumilev University. The main objective of work practice is to consolidate the theoretical knowledge, formation of practical skills of scientific research and production activities of future specialists. During production practice, students acquire all kinds of professional activities, gain skills of preparation and organization of cultural, educational and socially important events, the experience of a professional cooperation with local administrative structures, become acquainted with the activities of the Library of the First President – Elbassy.