Scientific and educational program

Scientific and educational program



The scientific and pedagogical activity of the Elbasy Library is carried out through implementation of the scientific and educational program the «NEW KAZAKHSTAN: OUR FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS», consisting of 4 projects:

1. Scientific and educational project «Rukhani zhangyru: traditions and innovations»;

2. Scientific and educational project «Аtameken» (Native land);

3. Training seminar «New Kazakhstan: to the nation of creators»;

4. The «Tulga. Tarih. Tagylym» (Personality. History. Heritage)  project.


Scientific and educational project

«Rukhani zhangyru: traditions and innovations»


The aim of the project is a realization of key directions of the public policy to form nation patriotism through the respect for traditions and pursuit of innovations.   


  1. Conduct pedagogical, social, historical, political researches.
  2. Publication of methodological collections, scientific and educational materials, articles, etc.
  3. Education of citizenship, patriotism, respect for human rights and freedoms, state symbols, national traditions.
  4. Conduct master classes, trainings, open museum lessons, lectures, round tables, scientific and practical seminars, and conferences.

Scientific and educational project

«Atameken» (Native land)


The aim of the project is to form children's love for their homeland, native culture and the capital city of Kazakhstan, the formation of a sense of patriotism, as well as the development of communication, research skills, independent thinking and creative abilities in preschool and school age children.


1. Expansion of the museum's influence space.

2. Education of independent historical thinking in children, an active, moral position in relation to the problems of the village and the city, a respectful attitude to the history and modernity of the country.

3. Formation, development and self-realization of the personality of a preschooler, a schoolboy as a citizen and patriot of the Republic of Kazakhstan, capable of intellectual and social creativity.

4. Development of orientation skills in urban culture.

5. Consolidation of students' independent research skills.


The training seminar

«New Kazakhstan: to the nation of creators»


The aim of the training seminar is a popularization of the history of Kazakhstan's statehood and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of educating students and civil servants of the country in the spirit of patriotism and civic spirit, strengthening the creative values of the younger generation.


1. Explanation of the stages of formation of the independent statehood of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Features identification of the development of economy and social sphere of sovereign Kazakhstan.

3. Consideration of the key factors and challenges of the modern world and the global positioning of Kazakhstan in the world community.

4. Education of young people in the spirit of national and moral values.

5. Understanding the personality factor in history and its role in the crucial periods of the country's development.

6. Formation of civic consciousness and competitiveness of citizens of new Kazakhstan.

The project

«Tulga. Tarih. Tagylym» (Personality. History. Heritage)


The aim of the project is to study biography, political ideas of outstanding figures of the Kazakh people who have made a significant contribution to the development of statehood, science, culture of Kazakhstan.  As well as the popularization and promotion in society, especially among young people, of authentic stories of people who have achieved success through hard work, knowledge and talent.


1. Study and popularization of scientific, spiritual and moral heritage of outstanding historical figures of Kazakhstan.

2. Patriotic education of the younger generation on the example of bright representatives of the Kazakh people, scientific, creative intelligentsia.

3. Creation of a new multimedia platform for successful, brave, competitive young people, whose biographies would become motivation and an example for the younger generation.

4. Holding a series of events, in particular, meetings of schoolchildren and students with well-known public and state figures, scientists, youth leaders, winners of the project "100 new faces of Kazakhstan".