Life and Family


July 6, 1940 at Ushkonyr zhailau (the summer encampment) of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the family of Abish and Alzhan Nazarbayev was born a long-awaited boy and parents named him Nursultan. There befallen a great story with a choice of baby’s name. Relatives gathered at the celebration in eager rivalry offered a variety of names. Finally newly-born child’s grandmother Myrzabala suggested: "Let my beloved grandson have two names at the same time - Nur and Sultan, let him be Nursultan". Like most grandmothers in the world, Myrzabala played a significant role in moulding of a personality of grandson. Nursultan’s mother Alzhan


Nursultan studied diligently and with great interest, being one of the first disciples, not only in class but also at the school. He intensively read all the books, which only managed to get it, which brought him relatives, knowing the insatiable curiosity of a young Nursultan. Also there were romantic nights with the campfire under the starry fathomless sky in his youth, when he helped his father during summer vacation at the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau. There were inmost stories of parents and their cordial songs, which revealed strong memory roots about ancestors who used to live on this land since the old days. It is a shame for all Kazakhs who do not knows about previous seven generations. There was a sense of eternity and deep meaningfulness of heavy, but the harmonious life of the people, handed down from generation to generation, linking the Kazakhs to their past and future.

Beginning of the career

Upon arrival in Temirtau started "fire stage" in a working life of Nursultan Nazarbayev. July 3, 1960 launched the first and only in all of theCentral Asia and Kazakhstan a blast furnace. That date was the birthday of Kazakhstan Magnitka - the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant. The young metallurgist Nazarbayev together with experienced craftsmen took part in first Kazakhstan iron smelting. He mastered several related occupations on "Karmet": worked as operator of casting machine, furnacemen on blast furnace, dispatcher and gasman of blast-furnace department. The work was very heavy, because of the terrible heat and tension some workers fainted and had bleeding nose. Many could not stand and left. But that was not Nazarbayev, he vowed to himself that will endure and survived, was used and involved into the work. His companions Tulegen Yusupov, Bulat Karimov and others along with him overcame all the difficulties and have become highly skilled metallurgists.

Mature years

His appointment in 1972 as a Secretary of the Party Committee of the native Karaganda Metallurgical Plant was the turning point. In fact, he became the second person after director of the plant on a gigantic scale enterprise in Kazakhstan, where 30,000 people worked. It was a tremendous responsibility and the severity of which he soon felt fully. He had to deal not only with party affairs, but also production, output programs, issues of maintenance and construction, procurement, household, housing, cultural and family affairs of many people.


Spouse, Sara Nazarbayeva, since February 1992 - Founder and President of the "Bobek" ("The Kid") International Children's Charity Fund. Today, "Bobek" is the most active charitable foundation of the republic, which was recognized not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. There are hundreds and thousands of charitable campaigns, assistance to orphans and disabled people, support for mothers in the activities of the Fund. From July 1994 S.Nazarbayeva is the president of «SOS - Children's village of Kazakhstan". From March 1999 is the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the "Demographics" charity fund.