Scientific programs

Scientific program



 The scientific and research activity of the Elbasy Library is  aimed at a comprehensive and systematic study of the main stages and key processes of political and socio-economic modernization of independent Kazakhstan statehood. Further purpose is scientific and analytical, information and image promotion of Kazakhstan's achievements within the country and abroad, ensuring wide access to research results, that is reflecting in the implementation of scientific programs and projects.

Complex systematic research work is organized through the implementation of the scientific program «NEW KAZAKHSTAN. NEW HORIZONS». The research is carried out in accordance with the directions of 2 scientific projects:

1. Scientific project «Kazakhstan in the world community: strategic initiatives».

2. Scientific and educational project «Kazakhstan at the present stage».

This program provides for conducting historical, political, sociological and museological research; publishing collections, monographs, scientific and methodological materials, articles and publications in socio-political and popular scientific journals; holding conferences, including international seminars, round tables and master classes; promoting the results of activities through the scientific and educational program of the Library.


Scientific project

«Kazakhstan in the world community: strategic initiatives»

The purpose of this project is to study the main patterns and trends in the formation and development of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the moment of gaining sovereignty to the present day, as well as coverage of foreign policy initiatives aimed at achieving a just peace and international stability.

Kazakhstan conducts active foreign policy and peacekeeping activities that have allowed our country to take its rightful place in the international arena. The principles of foreign policy to ensure national security and the implementation of the strategy of mutually beneficial partnership clearly demonstrate the fundamental course of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The following tasks is according to the goal:

1. Consideration of the main trends in the development of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the modern period;

2. Study of achievements and current problems of the country's foreign policy strategy;

3. Clarification and promotion of significant initiatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan aimed at building systemic measures to ensure global security.


Scientific and educational project

«Kazakhstan at the present stage»

  The purpose of the project is to study the concepts and main trends of socio-political modernization of Kazakhstan's society at the present stage, comprehensive promotion of the achievements of Kazakhstan's experience of independent statehood. Special attention is supposed to be paid to the fundamental issues of the formation of a new Kazakhstan, the continuity of the traditions of progressive development and creation.

Main tasks:

1. Study and analysis of problems, prospects for the formation of civil society institutions and the rule of law in Kazakhstan;

2. Study of the socio-economic policy of the state as one of the main directions of the country's domestic policy and a key indicator for ensuring a high standard of living for Kazakhstan people;

3. The formation of a new Kazakhstan's patriotism through the preservation of the humanistic, moral potential of the entire multiethnic people of the country, the ethno-political and ethno-cultural community of Kazakhstan.