Excursion activity is one of the main forms of cultural and educational activities of the Elbasy Library. All components of museum communication are actively implemented in the Library: temporary exhibitions, traditional and new forms of guided tours, audio-visual means, etc.

Special attention is paid to identifying the cultural and educational needs of visitors and the quality of the information impact of expositions on various groups of visitors. In order to improve the methods of conducting excursions, methodological developments of excursions for various categories of visitors have been compiled.

1. Sightseeing tours are intended primarily for visitors who have come to the Elbasy Library for the first time, who wants to get a general idea of its history and collections. The information obtained on the sightseeing tour is informative and represents the main expositions. The time of the sightseeing tour is 45-60 minutes.

2. Thematic excursions are conducted on the basis of stationary expositions and temporary exhibitions and are dedicated to the disclosure of a specific topic or issue. Listeners of thematic excursions are given a unique opportunity to get acquainted with exhibits that are often not exhibited in expositions and located in the funds of the Elbasy Library.

3. The lesson-excursion is considered as a form of educational work for certain groups of tourists. The lesson tour is held as part of the popularization of the museum collection on specific exhibits and collections in order to highlight certain topics of the history of Kazakhstan.

Along with traditional types of guided tours, the Elbasy Library has developed and implemented another forms of museum communication, such as travelling tours, quests and online tours.

4. Guest tours within the framework of the “Tungysh”, “Atameken”, “Historical choice” projects are aimed at popularizing the creative ideas and initiatives of Elbasy, acquaint with his life and activity. Travelling thematic tours based on the results of the implementation of the museology program “Museum Collection”: “|Award to the President - gratitude to the people”, “Collection of weapons in the funds of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” will tell about the most interesting expositions of the Elbasy Library in an illustrative form.

This is a large-scale information and image work for a wide range of listeners: from kindergarten children to military personnel and employees of various organizations. This form of tours allows not only to be acquainted with authentic exhibits, archival materials stored in the Elbasy Library, but also to conduct guided tours in an interactive format, which will be especially preserved in the memory of tourists.

5. Quests are aimed at a youth audience and include elements of action and adventure computer games, allowing you to be acquainted with the expositions in a playful, easy and accessible way. The Elbasy Library hosts quest tours named “At the dawn of Independence”, “Mangilik El”, “The path leading to the Elbasy”, etc.

6. Online tours are conducted using modern communication tools on the main expositions of the Elbasy Library and intended for wide audience.