About the Archive

The personal archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy

The personal archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy (further – the Personal archive) is formed from the originals (or copies) of biographical, creative materials, documents generated in the process of official and public activities of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy (further – the First President).

The Personal archive stores:

1) personal documents of biography, autobiography, memoirs, documents, personal correspondence of the First President;

2) documents about employment, awards and encouragements, messages, addresses, greetings of the First President, greetings to the First President;

3) documents about the creative, cultural and scientific activities: diaries, memoirs, manuscripts, printed works, paintings, drawings, miniatures, sketches, drafts, proofs and layout of books, reprints of articles with corrections, bills, statements, summaries, texts of papers, handwritten notes of the speech of the First President;

4) documents of public work, drafts and copies of reports, memos, texts of election programs of the First President;

5) documents collected by the First President, for his works and he is interested in the topics (articles, memoirs, reviews, newspaper and magazine publications, manuscripts and letters of other persons, collections of clippings and extracts from newspapers, magazines, documents, etc.);

6) photo-, phono-, video-, and film documents, pictorial materials (negatives, positives, slides, photo albums) with text accompanying information, annotations indicating the contents, location, date, author, photography;

7) documents of family members and close relatives.

Especially valuable are documents of a personal nature, reflecting the stages of life and activities of the President: report cards, certificates, pass of the furnaceman, diplomas, commendable sheets, mandates, Deputy tickets, some of the documents of parents and information on their native lands, etc.

In addition, documents from the Personal archive reflect the process of formation of independent Kazakhstan, the formation of Institute of presidency, the state-building of a new country, new capital, the transformation of the legislative, executive, enhancement of its administrative apparatus, the achievements in socio-economic, political and cultural development.