Virtual Help

Virtual Help executes queries:
- About the availability of specific publications in the library funds. Information about the presence of the book on the shelf is not provided.
- Thematic queries that do not require serious scientific research.
- Requests to clarify the bibliographic data of the publication.
- Factual queries.             
Queries are executed based on:
- Electronic library resources (electronic catalogs; bibliographic and full-text databases).
- Internet resources.
- Archive of completed requests.             
Service providing procedure:
-    The service is free and publicly available, i.e. it is provided to any users who have applied to the Virtual Help
-    The request must be clearly formulated in Kazakh, Russian or English. The service reserves the right not to answer questions formulated unethically and incorrectly.
-    Requests are accepted around the clock and executed within 3 working days from the moment the request is received.
-    On pre-holiday days, requests are accepted until 15.00.
-     Responses to requests are sent to the user by e-mail and placed in the Archive of completed requests. 
-    The number of sources offered for thematic bibliographic queries is limited - no more than 10 bibliographic descriptions, including links to Internet resources. Full texts are not provided.