The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a solemn awarding ceremony and a defile of the winners of the Eco fashion competition.

Eco fashion is a concern for the environment and human health. This is the first step towards saving the planet from an ecological catastrophe. Things made of natural, eco-friendly fabrics not only do not harm, but also protect us. For example, soy fiber fabric is able to block harmful ultraviolet rays.

The organizers of the contest were the Library of the First President and the Children’s Art School – UNESCO Club in Astana.

The purpose of the competition is to increase the ecological culture of students, the formation of sustainable skills of environmentally responsible behavior, respect for nature, as well as the development of creative skills and the popularization of decorative and applied arts.

The competition was announced on September 2 this year among preschool children, as well as students of junior and middle-level educational institutions in Astana.

46 of the more than 100 works submitted for the competition were selected. The age of the finalists is from 3 to 15 years. The costumes were evaluated by a jury from among the members of the Union of Artists and the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan.

The competition attracted the attention of children to the environmental protection, problem of waste processing and collection of recycled materials. Parents were actively involved in the creative process of creating original costumes, identifying extraordinary approaches to the use of recycled materials in the creative development and environmental education of preschool and school age children.

The most spectacular part of the event was the defile, in which the authors, young "technologists" and "designers", presented their products from improvised means. The creative interpretation of the idea of ​​sustainable fashion can be seen in models made from plastic bottles, candy wrappers, trash and plastic bags, disposable tableware, newspapers, magazines and other materials. 

“High fashion” based on the recycling of materials was presented by the famous designers of the Asyl Ana Aspara project, who expressed their professional support to the young participants of the ecological vernissage.

Exhibition materials are available on the website: in the sections “Exhibitions” and “Projects”