On November 4 and 6, 2017 among college students was held the city debate tournament in the framework of implementation of the program for the modernization of the public consciousness «Ruhani zhangyru». The debate tournament was organized by the club «Аkikat» at the Elbassy library.

The debating club «Аkikat» is a youth association aimed at developing oratory, leadership and organizational skills of young people and contributing to the spiritual development of the individual. The Club carried out its activity on actual problems of the present in the framework of the implementation of the Scientific-educational program of the Elbassy library.

The first day of the tournament was held at the Polytechnic college, where 20 teams from Astana took part in the tournament. The representatives of various universities and public organizations, experienced judges of debates tournaments of city and republican levels evaluated the competition. The participants debated on topical issues: development of local government, preservation of national culture in the context of globalization, the role of women in politics, reform of the education system, etc.

During the preliminary rounds 4 teams reached the final: team «Damu» of the Industrial-economic college named after academician G. Seytkasymov, team «Bolashak» of the Engineering and communications college, two teams of the Polytechnic College – «Parasat-1» and «Parasat -2».

The final of the city tournament and awarding ceremony took place On November 6 at the building of the Nazarbayev Center. The team «Bolashak» of the Engineering and communication college won the Elbassy library Challenge Cup. Zhanat Bibizhamal, a student of the college «Danalyk» was awarded in the nomination «Best Speaker» of the tournament. Farhat Kanaly, a student of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilev was elected as the best judge. The best coach of the tournament was Sania Dosman, deputy director for educational work at the Polytechnic college.

On these days there was a fierce battle of intellects, the teams showed their profound knowledge in the sphere of politics, economics and social problems of our time. In the opinion of the participants and guests of the tournament, the holding of such events contributes to the formation of an active civic position of young people, give students ability in social activity, development of their leadership qualities, oratory skills, and popularization of the debate movement.