As part of the information project "Uly Dala Tarlandary", the stories of the finalists of the national project "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan" are published on the website of the Library of Elbasy.
Ekaterina Wiebe is the winner of 2021 in the nomination "Ecology", a young scientist, a forest pathologist, head of the Department of Forest Protection and Conservation of the Kazakh Research Institute of Forestry and Agroforestry named after A.N. Bukeikhan.
Ekaterina grew up in the largest settlement of the Shchuchinsk-Borovskaya resort area – the city of Shchuchinsk. There, in 2001, she entered the College of Ecology and Forestry. 
"Frankly speaking, the profession I chose is hard to call promising. Although forestry specialists have always been in demand in our region, the salaries were modest, there were no special prospects for career growth, and the work, especially in the summer, was often irregular, with no holidays and days off. I did not let all this stop me. I chose the profession I liked and, jumping ahead, I would say that I have never regretted it," says Ekaterina.
After graduating from college, the girl started working at the Kokshetau Forest Breeding Center and entered Kokshetau State University named after Sh.Ualikhanov. Having received higher education and a bachelor's degree in ecology, Ekaterina moved to the Kazakh Research Institute of Forestry and Agroforestry named after A.N. Bukeikhan, where she works to this day.
"When I joined the team of the Research Institute, I immediately felt that a special atmosphere of service to forest science, unconditional professionalism was created here. The Institute of Forestry is a leading research institute in Kazakhstan, carrying out fundamental and applied research in the field of forestry, protective afforestation and biodiversity conservation in order to preserve forest ecosystems and increase forest resources. Within its walls, I was lucky enough to work with people who stood at the origins of forest science, who made their significant and important contribution to its development. Once I got into the scientific environment, I realized that it provides opportunities for constant self–development, that the work of scientists is not only important but also very interesting," she says.
While still working, E.Wiebe finished the master's degree program of Omsk State Pedagogical University, and then the postgraduate program of Ural State Forestry University. In May 2018, she received the degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, and a year later - her PhD degree in "Forest resources and forestry".
Ekaterina is engaged in the research and development of methods and technologies used to improve the sustainability and protection of forests from pests and diseases. She participates in the implementation of a number of important projects for the forestry of the country: with her mentor and supervisor Olga Telegina, she worked on the protection of pine and birch forests of Northern Kazakhstan from pests using a biological method, contributed to the development of recommendations for the preservation of the stability of pine plantations from diseases, studied the prevalence and ecological features of rotten and cancerous fir diseases in Eastern Kazakhstan, conducted forest pathology surveys of green belt plantations in Nur-Sultan. Now, she is a participant in an international project with the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization. The project is aimed at obtaining samples of saxaul resistant to gall-producing insects, which will be able to qualitatively improve the results of work on the amelioration of the drained bed of the Aral Sea. According to the scientist, the study includes several disciplines: forest protection, plant breeding, genetics, physiology and biochemistry of plants. 
Ekaterina is not just involved in solving problems of preserving the forests of our country but also talks about them at the republican level, drawing the attention of the state, the public, and volunteers to these issues.
The winner of the "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan", notes that participation in the project has become a new and very interesting experience for her, thanks to which she can not only draw public attention to forest science but also show modern youth by her example that it is possible to make a successful career in any field, the main thing is to believe in herself and her calling.
"My example is not unique at all. Among my colleagues - scientists with a number of achievements, patents, publications of international level - there are many of those who have followed a similar path and achieved excellent results. Many paths are open to young scientists today, and we have the opportunity to take internships in the world’s leading research institutes, to work in international projects, to receive grants for fundamental and applied research. I wish to wish the youth of Kazakhstan a confident vision of the future, not to be afraid to make decisions, not to be afraid of difficulties and to strive for permanent development, as it will necessarily change not only your destiny but that of our entire country," says E.Wiebe.