Serik Aktayev's Master Class Today, the Library of the Leader of the Nation hosted a master class of two-time world champion, Asian champion, executive director of the Togyzkumalak Sports Federation Serik Aktayev. Fifteen pupils of school No. 7 in Astana got the opportunity to learn the secrets of mastery from the eminent athlete.

Already at the very beginning of the game, the coach was surprised by the fighting spirit of the young players - the guys tried to take unusual moves, trying to impress the master.


Arailym Sunkhar, a first-ranker, was almost on a par with her mentor for most of the game, but the champion still prevailed.


- I was very worried. I've been missing workouts for the past few days due to illness. If not for this fact, I probably could have seriously fought for the victory, - says 8th grade student Arailym.

Meanwhile, Serik Aktayev highly appreciated the level of preparation of the guys.


- The guys tried to surprise me, and it makes me very happy. A worthy successor is growing to participate in the world championships, - said Serik Aktaev with joy, who recently returned with a resounding victory from Bishkek, where the III Open Asian Championship in togyzkumalak was held,

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– In Bishkek, the Kazakh team showed an excellent level. The competition was attended by about 40 athletes from 13 countries, including the United States, Russia, Iran, China, South Korea and other countries. This suggests that the Kazakh national game - togyzkumalak is of great interest all over the world, - the champion emphasized.

Currently, the Kazakhstani togyzkumalak team is actively preparing for the World Championship, which will be held in Astana in 2017 as part of the EXPO world exhibition.