In order to implement the election program of the President of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev, the republican headquarters has recently started its work. In this regard, the Government's roadmap for the implementation of the country's main political document is expected to be adopted.

In accordance with the Pre-election program of the President of Kazakhstan, work is underway in the country to eradicate monopolies and ensure a fair distribution of income received. At the same time, the focus of special attention remains the transition to a new state policy, which is based on three pillars: A FAIR STATE – A FAIR ECONOMY – A FAIR SOCIETY.

The main task of the state for the next 7 years will also be political transformations aimed at forming the basis of a stable, stable state with an optimal balance of all branches of government.

The constitutional reform laid the political and legal basis for a new political model of Kazakhstan. Thus, the introduction of direct election of rural and district akims, deputies of district and city maslikhats, the appointment of regional akims on an alternative basis, the election of deputies of the Mazhilis of Parliament and regional maslikhats under a mixed system, as well as the recently restored Constitutional Court of the country will become a reliable guarantor of the development of a modern democratic society. All these steps taken before our eyes are aimed at the inclusive participation of Kazakhstanis in the formation of key state institutions.

Among the tasks announced as part of the implementation of the pre-election program of the Head of State K.K.Tokayev, a number of socio-economic tasks on the agenda should be separately noted. For example, the Government has already provided for measures to reduce inflation, develop the oil and gas and energy industries, manufacturing, agriculture, entrepreneurship and other sectors of the economy.

In addition, a significant part of the program is aimed at building an economy based on a balance of interests of the state, business and citizens. In the near future, it is expected to cancel and revise about 10 thousand interfering business requirements in 44 regulatory areas. The number of people employed in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses will be increased to 3.8 million people, 289 new investment projects worth 4.2 trillion tenge will be implemented with the creation of 38 thousand jobs, construction of a number of large infrastructure facilities will begin, etc.

The government will take measures to saturate the domestic market with domestically produced goods, reformat the activities of stabilization food funds, build educational institutions of a new format within the framework of the national project «Comfortable School», modernize health facilities in rural areas, ensure permanent employment of the population and much more.

In addition, work is underway to attract at least 150 billion US dollars of foreign direct investment in the next 7 years. According to the results of the first half of this year, $ 14.5 billion of investments have already been attracted. This is 28% more than in the same period of 2021.

And, finally, the most important thing – the main condition for the success of the planned reforms is the unity and cohesion of our people. As the Head of State K.K.Tokayev said: «Let's build a Fair Kazakhstan together – a country of opportunities and progress!».


Deputy Director 
of the Library of the First President 
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Zhukenov D.A.