Today, the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted a guest meeting titled: "From the history of Kazakhstan's joining the UN" within the framework of a cycle of events "The History of Independence through the eyes of contemporaries".

The special guest of the event was the orientalist-Arabist, diplomat, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of the Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sailau Batyrsha-uly.

The purpose of the series of events "The History of independence through the eyes of contemporaries" is to form objective knowledge about the history of Kazakhstan in the modern period through the presentation of events by public and state figures, and contemporaries of events.

During the meeting, S. Batyrsha-uly told the students of the International Faculty of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University and Astana International University about the history of the creation of the UN international organization, its Charter and structure.

As a direct participant, he shared his memories of the process of preparing for the entry of young independent Kazakhstan into the UN and its first steps in the international arena in the early 1990s.

Also within the meeting, an exhibition was organized on the theme: "From the history of Kazakhstan's entry into the UN", where were especially valuable documents from the personal archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the "Declaration and Statement of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the Admission to the UN" of December 31, 1991, and also publications from the book collection of the Library.