On October 18 at the Elbassy library for students of two capital colleges: Polytechnic and Humanitarian began its work the regular seminar-training «Kazakhstan’s way: Mangilik El». Great emphasis is placed on the development of technical and vocational education in Kazakhstan. This is reflected in the State Program for the development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 and other strategic documents. The Elbassy library is provided a great contribution to improving the quality of education and training of students of the TVE system.

The purpose of this course is to educate a new generation of highly professional and competitive specialists – socially active members of society with a high level of national identity, patriotism, historical consciousness, ready for active and resolute actions to preserve the stability, independence, security of our state, capable of constructive dialogue with representatives of other cultures.

The students shared their first impressions.

Zabava Popova, 2nd year student of the Polytechnic college of Astana:

– I liked, the theoretical part, where we learned about some new facts in the history of Kazakhstan, and practical part where we are learning at the trainings new methods of establishing interpersonal relationships. I like that every participant of the training is engaged.

Sandugash Tasbolat, 2nd year student of the Humanitarian college of Astana:

– In the Elbassy library, we listened to the lecture, took part in the training, and also conducted an excursion for us. We received a lot of interesting information about the creative initiatives of our President, state programs. And at the trainings we practically consolidated this new knowledge.

Shamshi Baktyly, 4th year student of the Polytechnic college of Astana:

– We are very glad to visit the Elbassy library, it’s also very important for us that here we receive new knowledge, a new, previously unknown to us, information about our history, its deep roots, the activities of our Elbassy. In addition, we were introduced with the programs aimed at building the bright future of our Kazakhstan. This information will be very useful to us in our future professional activities.