The Institute of the President's addresses to the people of the country in the modern history of Kazakhstan has become the most important tool of the public administration system, a relay of conceptual addresses designed to strengthen the interaction between state and civil institutions. The social optimism of the Kazakh society, which ensured the success of the referendum on reforming the constitutional structure of the country, is based primarily on the consistency and continuity of the strategic provisions of the addresses of the current year.

            The year 2022 went down in the history of Kazakhstan as the beginning of the stage of fundamental renewal of the ideas of the social structure. In mid-March, the President of Kazakhstan delivered a state-of-the-nation address "New Kazakhstan: the path of renewal and modernization", in which a new model of the functioning of the state-political system was announced.

    In a state-of-the-nation "A fair State. One nation. Prosperous society", announced at a joint session of the Chambers of Parliament on September 1 this year, the main tasks for building a fair state were presented to the Kazakh society. At the same time, K.K. Tokayev stressed: "The constitutional reform has become a fundamental step in the creation of a New Fair Kazakhstan." The Head of State focuses on the development of the idea of a New Kazakhstan as a long-term process of modernization of the country and explains the tasks of the state and society in ensuring equality of opportunities and justice for all.

        Equality of opportunity is based on liberal values that stimulate economic activity, demonopolization and minimization of state interference in the economy. This path is extremely thorny and is associated with many stereotypes and patterns that have formed in the bowels of the mechanism of public administration. There comes a time when citizens who have received a brilliant education at the best universities in the world, and who have accumulated the skills of modern innovative management from the world’s flagship economy, will have the leverage to build a prosperous society.

        All branches of the national economy, in addition to the necessary technical and technological resources, will use new investment, tax, and customs resources, which will be actively developed within the framework of the "new economic policy", which has become the touchstone of the address.

  Speaking about strategic investments in the future of the country in the context of the address, it is necessary to emphasize how widely this address can be interpreted, not limited to the social sphere. A reasonable, prudent approach to the funds of the National Fund, the formation of a fundamentally new program "National Fund for Children", the creation of favorable conditions for a decent old age – all this is driven by the idea of a future New Fair Kazakhstan, which will be built by joint efforts of state and civil institutions. In the coming years, it is necessary to radically revise not only and not so much the content of state programs, but the level of competence of specialists who are entrusted with the task of implementing these programs. "Citizens expect government agencies to actually, not formally, fulfil their promises." Investments, as an economic or social category, lose their meaning in this situation. The cohort of new managers mentioned in the address is already joining the public administration system.

        And in this way, a complete reboot of the system-forming hierarchy of state administration - the presidential power - is essential. The new political era carries with it the replacement of the existing baggage of the conflict of interests of the established bureaucratic mechanism at all levels with the sprouts of civic initiative with new standards of personal and civic growth. The electoral cycle, aimed at activating the political initiative of party and public institutions, becomes a trigger, launching the institutional reset of the political system, the result of which is the Second Republic.

        In his address to the people of Kazakhstan on September 21 this year, the Head of State stressed: "... all key state institutions will be gradually reset: the President, Parliament, Government, maslikhats."

        The program of political modernization is entering the phase of practical implementation. To build a prosperous society, every citizen of Kazakhstan should make his own investment in his future: his work, his knowledge, and his initiative.

 Head of the Service for Register and Storage of Museum Valuables

Aktaeva K.K.