The semifinal games of the intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?" were held in the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since February of this year, 20 teams of Astana schools competed in knowledge, logic, thinking speed and ability to find non-standard solutions. Nine of them made it to the semifinals: "Zhas zhiger" (gymnasium school No. 58), "Kyran" (gymnasium school No. 63), "Er Kazak" (gymnasium school No. 90 named after Kayym Mukhamedkhanov), "Sirius" (gymnasium school No. 69 named after Kemel Akishev), "Tarikh" (gymnasium school No. 77 named after Fariza Ongarsynova), "Barys" (gymnasium school No.83 named after Ybyray Altynsarin), "Azamat" (lyceum school No. 64), "Alash" (secondary school No. 24), "Kok tu" (gymnasium school No. 76 named after Alikhan Bokeikhan). 

In the first round, the teams presented their homework to the jury - a staging of one of the great discoveries that changed the life of mankind, in the second round they took part in an educational auction of 12 questions. In the final part of the game, the teams answered questions from various areas of knowledge, each of which has its own value: 10, 20 or 30 points.

According to the results of the three games of the semifinals, the young intellectuals of gymnasiums No. 63 and No. 69, as well as secondary school No. 24, scored the highest. They will meet in the final in December this year.