On the eve of the national holiday - Independence Day, the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the final game of the intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?".

Among 20 teams of high school students of Astana schools who competed in the knowledge of the history of Kazakhstan, the finalists, having scored the most points, were the teams "Kyran" (gymnasium school No. 63), "Sirius" (gymnasium School No. 69 named after Kemel Akishev) and "Alash" (secondary school No. 24).

If in the qualifying rounds and games of the semifinals, the jury members evaluated the knowledge, outlook, logic, sharpness of thinking and oratorical skills of schoolchildren, then in the final the students demonstrated their creative abilities. 

The team of Gymnasium school No. 63 presented a costumed staging of events from the history of the Kazakh Khanate. Students of secondary school No. 24 staged leaders of the national liberation movement "Alash", and high school students of Gymnasium No. 69 staged the December events in Almaty in 1986. 

"Let me congratulate all those present on the upcoming holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan! Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said: "Independence is our main value, it is above all," and today the pupils fully demonstrated the historical background of this phrase. Kazakhstan has come a long way on the road to sovereignty. We must not forget it. Therefore, it is especially pleasant with what dignity and respect our youth presented historical events united by this common idea," Deputy Director of the Library Botagoz Kaipova noted after the game. 

The winners of the intellectual tournament were the team "Kyran", the second place was awarded to the team "Alash", and the third place - to the team "Sirius". All finalists were awarded diplomas and memorable prizes. Teachers,team leaders, also received gifts and school directors were awarded letters of thanks.