On August 2, the Library of the First President hosted the presentation of the book “Beisen zhane Bolmys”, dedicated to the life and work of the famous TV journalist Beisen Kuranbek.

An entire era in the history of Kazakhstan television is associated with the name of Beisen Kuranbek. He began his career as a correspondent and executive secretary of the republican newspaper "Sport", and in other years he worked on the TV channels "Rakhat", "Channel 31", "Khabar" and in the Television and Radio Complex of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of the first joined the presidential pool. In recent years, he led the Almaty regional TV channel "Zhetysu" and made a significant contribution to the development of the region's information policy. But to the Kazakh audience, he is better known as the host of the popular talk show "Aytuga onay", and in the subsequent program "Kareket". On May 18, 2020, at the age of 49, Beisen Abaevich passed away.

The book "Beisen and Bolmys" - the next edition of the "Otbasy Reader" Public Fund - was published in 2021. It is an existential analysis of the life and values ​​of the famous journalist and public figure Beisen Kuranbek. The book contains various interesting facts from the life of B. Kuranbek, his thoughts and views.

"The death of such a significant person as Beisen Kuranbek was a shock to all Kazakhstan. In his programs, he raised particularly acute social problems, trying to encourage society to think about their solution. High professionalism was combined in him with wisdom, breadth of soul and modesty. The unfairly short period of time granted to Beisen Abaevich is an example of a very bright and dignified life", - said Botagoz Kaipova, Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy, thanking the "Otbasy Reader" Public Found for promoting and popularizing traditional human values ​​among modern youth.

During the presentation, the author of the book, Sanjar Kerimbay, spoke about his acquaintance with Beisen Kuranbek, meetings and conversations with him, about the life philosophy and goals of the journalist. According to the writer, the work will be of interest not only to admirers of B. Kuranbek's talent, but also to the reader who seeks to know himself, who is interested in the philosophy of existence and the science of logotherapy.