On the eve of Kazakhstan Independence Day in the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an Open Doors Day was held for 6th-7th graders of "Alpamys School".

Deputy Director of the Library Botagoz Kaipova told the guests about the main activities of the institution, focusing on the scientific and educational program, within which various events are held for schoolchildren, students, and teachers. 

Excursions through the museum space were organized specially for the young visitors, which helped to deepen their knowledge of the historical and cultural heritage of the country, expanding their horizons and increasing their cognitive activity.

During one of the museum lessons, the children got acquainted with the history of Kazakh national instruments, genres of musical culture, and the work of famous composers and musicians of the Kazakh people.

The lesson excursion "Sports glory of Kazakhstan" was dedicated to the history of the Olympic movement and the brilliant victories of Kazakhstani Olympians, of whom the whole country is proud of.

Exhibits from the collection of cold steel arms were also presented to the students. They learned about the traditional arms of the Kazakhs "Bes Karu", the peculiarities of training boys for military service, the ancient tradition of giving arms, and historical facts about Kazakh batyrs. In addition, the children had the opportunity to hold a real saber in their hands.

At the lecture "The electoral system in the Republic of Kazakhstan", schoolchildren got acquainted with the concepts of elections, election campaigning, the electorate, and primaries, studied the history and stages of development of the domestic electoral system, got information about the electoral systems of other countries and discussed the elections of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan held on November 20 this year.

"I would like to thank the Library of the First President for the rich program. The children liked the lessons they had at the museum exhibitions. Their genuine interest in the exhibits and related historical events was noticeable. And interactive technologies allow you to take a fresh look at museum spaces, and become active participants in the class. I think lessons of this format will be remembered by students for a long time and will methodically enrich teachers," said Alpamys School teacher Venera Sakhanova.