The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a visiting lecture "The Great Era of the Rise of the Nation" for students of grades 7-11 of the school-lyceum No. 88 in Astana.

During the lecture, the students learned about the historical facts and events of the pre-revolutionary and modern periods of the history of Kazakhstan. The emphasis was placed on the importance of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence for the formation and strengthening of our statehood, and the modern processes of creating a new security architecture in the country against the backdrop of political changes were also touched upon. The importance of reforms on the way to building the institutions of a Just Kazakhstan was especially noted.

“Having launched large-scale political and economic reforms, we have entered a new stage of the country's modernization. The success of these undertakings depends on each of us. Further successful development of our state is the main task facing us. To achieve it, we must work hard. Only in this way will Kazakhstan become a strong state”,- the lecturer quoted the Head of State, finishing the lecture.