The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the first qualifying game in 2023 of the intellectual tournament “What? Where? When?".

The project is designed for pupils of 10-11 grades of schools in Astana. The purpose of the competition for knowledge of the history of Kazakhstan is the development of cognitive and creative abilities, sharpness of thinking and observation, enrichment and development of students' speech.

The new season of games was opened by the teams "Margulan" (school-lyceum No. 40 named after Alkey Margulan), "Alash" (school-lyceum No. 66 named after Dinmukhamed Kunaev) and "Birlik" (gymnasium school No. 78 named after Smagul Saduakasuly).

During four rounds, the teams of schools demonstrated not only knowledge, erudition, logic and speed of thinking, but also the ability to present the team and the leadership qualities of the captains. According to the results of the game, experts from school-lyceum No. 66 won, gaining 174.5 points.

Thus, the Alash team goes to the semi-finals of the intellectual tournament, which will be held in November this year. The next qualifying round will take place next month.