In the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for students of school-gymnasium No. 32 in Astana, a museum lesson was held "Institute of batyrism: traditions, status and weapons"

The event from the “Exhibits started talking…” series was organized in the “Gallery of Glory” hall, where a unique collection of weapons and military equipment is exhibited.

During the lesson, high school students learned about the history and features of the tradition of donating weapons. Schoolchildren showed great interest in the topic of the world-famous weapons schools: Kubachinskaya and Zlatoustovskaya, they learned to distinguish their products by the type of artistic processing and decoration.

The main part of the lesson was devoted to the significance of the institution of batyrism and the status of batyrs in Kazakh society. The participants got acquainted with the concept of "Bes karu", which is the equipment of a warrior-batyr from five mandatory types of military weapons: kylysh - a saber, semser - a sword, naiza - a spear, sadak - a bow, kurzi - a mace, aibalta - a battle hatchet. In addition, the children learned interesting facts from the life and military exploits of the Kazakh batyrs Bogenbay, Kabanbay, Malaysara, Zhanybek, Taylak, Sanyrak, Olzhabay, Sagynbay, Bayan, Sary, Tattybay, Barak and other leaders of the people's militia who organized a rebuff to the Dzhungar invaders.