A series of thematic excursions for students of schools, colleges, collectives and guests of the city dedicated to the Day of the First President and Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in the Library of Elbasy. Unique expositions were seen by more than a thousand excursionists.
The year 2021 is marked by a number of important anniversaries. On December 1, 1991, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was elected in the first national elections. Since 2012, this event has been celebrated in our country as a public holiday. On the eve of the First President's Day, excursions "The Path leading to Elbasy", "The Son of the Great Steppe", "The Path of the Strategist", "The Path of the President" and "The Magic of Personality" took place in the Library of Elbasy, which introduce the main stages in the biography of Elbasy, the symbols of the identity of the new state and the events that laid the foundations of the state.  
One of the strategic decisions of Elbasy was the relocation of the capital of Kazakhstan. Today, Nur-Sultan is a symbol of success and a driver of the development of the whole country. The history of the formation of the main city, the peripetia of the relocation of the capital and the role of Elbasy in its construction were demonstrated at the thematic tour "The Path of the Strategist".
Portraits of the First President of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev, made in different genres and styles - these are portraits of sand, amber crumbs, in the technique of Florentine mosaics, in traditional suzhou embroidery and others are featured as part of the exhibition "The Magic of Personality". 
The thematic excursion "Son of the Great Steppe" introduced the guests to the work of the artist Nurzhan Karymsakov. Visitors saw pictures reflecting the continuity of the development of statehood in the territory of modern Kazakhstan.
On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's Independence, an excursion "The Path of a Global Leader" was also held. Schoolchildren learned about the main initiatives of Kazakhstan on global disarmament and a nuclear weapons-free world.
In the photo gallery "Leader recognized by the world" and in the Gallery of Glory, excursionists were shown exhibits reflecting the successes of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy on a global scale. The guests were particularly interested in the collection of weapons, diplomatic gifts and the highest state awards of foreign countries.
A series of thematic excursions "Almaty - the golden cradle of independence" demonstrated the place and role of the city of Almaty in the fate of independent Kazakhstan, the chronicle of Elbasy's working trips around the country, as well as the city's development strategy in the near future.
In addition, students took part in a guided tour of the exhibition "The History of one exhibit. The Institute of Batyrs and Samurai as a cultural phenomenon", where they got acquainted with the unique properties of weapons, the technique of their manufacture, and also learned about the formation of the Institute of batyrs and samurai and the relationship of different cultures.