The Address 2022 is the case when the traditionally erroneous opinion of its being addressed only to political and power circles collapses. It is undoubtedly addressed to all Kazakhstanis, in particular to young people.

Starting a new political season, it set the tone for the economic and political processes in the country. Announcements of the presidential, and parliamentary election campaigns, as well as the elections of deputies of maslikhats - these alone say a lot. 

The modern world is facing the urgent task of moving to a new level of technological development. This, naturally, requires modernization. The imperatives of modern development require simultaneous modernization of the economy, politics, civil society with the obligatory change of its consciousness, the formation of a new picture of the worldview.

In this regard, the Address of the President of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev "A fair state. One nation. A prosperous society" undoubtedly symbolizes the beginning of a new growth trajectory. 

Undoubtedly, the global trend towards political modernization has become a pivotal factor that has changed the priorities of our country’s strategic development. In this vein, the President’s Address and the declared constitutional reforms should significantly adjust the modernization agenda. 

It is gratifying that modernization is seen by the Head of State as a multidimensional process that covers all aspects of social and political life. Identifying the state and society as integral attributes of the modernization process, the President of Kazakhstan declares their organic unity. Thus, civil society, the rule of law democratic state and the market economy in the implementation of the key provisions of the Address are a three-part component. The systemic approach is an important tactical and ideological approach that distinguishes K.K. Tokayev's strategy.

Now we are in an objective situation where social trust is more relevant than ever. A competent state apparatus that citizens will trust is the end result of building a "hearing state".  

The main object and subject of change is the person himself - the generator of social progress. And this realization is an important imperative for our society. 

It is not by chance that analytical experts, noting the peculiarities of post-industrial society, calling it post-economic, noted that "the main thing in the life of society is the development of human strength and abilities, the improvement of personal qualities of a person." At present, it has become obvious that without serious qualitative changes in human capital, it is impossible to achieve any noticeable economic and socio-political successes. In this regard, the implementation of the social block of the President's Address will significantly improve the situation of citizens.

The utmost specificity and efficiency of the Head of State are proof of the focus on large-scale socio-economic and political reforms. 

The socio-economic block of the Address resonated with all Kazakhstanis. Along with the growth of human capital, a significant expansion of market relations in the economic sphere and a reduction of administrative pressure on business are expected. Admittedly, the process of reducing the administrative diktat began well before 1 September 2022. The restriction of control of the business sphere was promoted by the Presidential Decree of January 1, 2020, when a three-year moratorium on the verification of small businesses was introduced. Certainly, the Decree does not apply to mechanisms to prevent or remedy violations that pose a threat to the population. As we can see, the President has managed to find a balance between the interests of small businesses and the rights of consumers to prevent threats to the safety of life and health of citizens.

It is no exaggeration to say that his political bloc has become truly sensational. It is based on increased public demand, supported by sociological measurements. This proves once again the above-mentioned thesis about the three-part nature of the provisions of the Address, the success of which depends largely on public support. In this regard, the reset of the political system is entirely driven by the needs of the population. In addition to the further development of institutions of consultative and advisory bodies, it is obvious that the promotion of the system of local self-government as a mechanism of decentralization of the vertical of power will significantly diversify the political system of Kazakhstan. This will allow, in turn, to harmonize socio-political relations. 

Thus, the creation of a political system focused on finding a consensus with society is an important task in the process of implementing the modernization policy of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. In this regard, the election campaigns announced by the Head of State are designed to become the starting point of the New Kazakhstan.