Of October 20, in the Library of the President hosted the first meeting of the Metropolitan student organizations, practicing the game "UN Model".

Model United Nations is a synthesis of the scientific conference and a role-playing game in which students and high school students in several official UN languages reproduce the work of the organs of the organization, become diplomatic, leadership, public speaking and language skills and the ability to come to a compromise.

The members of the Model UN – delegates, chairs, observers and experts – act as official representatives of countries-members of UN and members of international organizations who came to the conference to discuss issues on the agenda of their Committee. During the game, delegates obstreperous from a personal point of view and defend the official position of representing their country. The ultimate goal of each Committee is to adopt a resolution on this issue.

In the Library of State University student leaders of the Nazarbayev University, Kazakh humanitarian law University and the NGO "Volunteer EXPO: e-generation" met to discuss the terms of cooperation for realizing the potential of youth and the strategy for the development of the game "Model UN" in Astana.

Meeting organizers – Valikhan Bakhritdinov, the Chairman of the NGO "Volunteer EXPO: e-generation", made a presentation on the theme "Astana. Model United Nations". He said that the purpose of creating a unified urban system "Model United Nations" are: assisting in the realization of the state policy in the framework of the youth movement, the popularization of the conference "Model UN" in Astana and throughout Kazakhstan, the development of youth political culture and literacy, awareness of the role of Kazakhstan in the international arena by conducting a "Model UN".

The first informal meeting held in order to meet with other representatives of the academic organizations and to unite them on the basis of the Library of the Nation, with which our organization cooperates now over two years. We plan to hold the city's "Model United Nations" in November and December this year, and then holding the national games in 2018. Next year I want to organize the international event "Model United Nations", – said Valikhan Bakhritdinov.