On November 20, 2022 the elections of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place. This event has historical, and I would say, enormous political importance for the development of New Kazakhstan, based on justice and the rule of law. 

The dynamic and rapid development of socio-political processes in the country, and in the world as a whole, requires adequate reflection on the modern processes in our republic. 

According to the voting results, Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev won with 81.3% of the votes of the citizens of the country, which, it should be emphasized, is an absolute majority. The high activity of the people has once again demonstrated that the nation's interests unite us. At the polling stations, the people positively assessed the state development program for the next seven years. 

Speaking at the inauguration, the head of state stressed: "The elections set a new standard for openness and transparency in the electoral process in Kazakhstan. They demonstrated a high level of political culture and the maturity of our society. 

According to the assessment of observers and experts, the elections were held following the current legislation of Kazakhstan - openly and fairly. These elections played a vital role in the construction of New Kazakhstan and ushered in a new political era. 

 The election programme of development of the country put forward by the Head of the State is in line with his previous Addresses and other conceptual speeches in which he outlined the contours of important political and economic transformations of Kazakhstan society. This is an effective response to the aspirations of the people, who initiated cardinal changes in the economy, social sphere, large-scale and profound reforms, which solve two tasks: first, it creates conditions for further democratization, and second, it ensures the stability and manageability of the state. The growth of the well-being of people is possible only in the conditions of real competition. 

As a part of the world community, Kazakhstan can not remain outside of global processes. The answer to new challenges and pressing issues accumulated in the society is a modernization program, which is based on the formula: "A strong President - an influential Parliament - an accountable Government", put forward by the President of Kazakhstan in all sectors of the economy, social sphere, judicial system, environmental dimension, etc., which opens wide horizons for the country. 

Since the first years of independence, the issues of education, professional and personal competitiveness, patriotic education, and successful socialization of the younger generation were the focus of the country's political leadership.

The youth of Kazakhstan is a generation that grew up together with the country, along with independence, and today, as the Head of State K.K.Tokayev notes in his election program, represents the main driving force of changes in society. Therefore, comprehensive support for young people is one of the main priorities of Kazakhstan's social policy. Youth policy, as an integral part of the internal policy of the state, requires a clear understanding of current trends in the context of interaction between state institutions and society as a whole.

The involvement of young people in the socio-economic life of the country will contribute to the development of its stable economic growth, and investing in the implementation of programs and projects aimed at unlocking the creative, social, educational, spiritual and moral potential of the future generation is an integral part of the long-term development strategy of our country. 

Youth support is an investment in the progress of Kazakhstan. An important factor contributing to youth development, and one of the priorities of the election course of Kazakhstan, to which the President of the country draws his attention, is the education system, improving its quality and expanding opportunities for self-realization.

Our educational sphere should be competitive, corresponding to modern trends and the requirements of the time. In this context, the President proposes those concrete measures that our country needs to take to keep up with technological and economic plans. In other words, we discuss strengthening and increasing labor productivity in information and communication technologies. 

Young people are ready to participate in the country's fate; for this we need to create all conditions for effective and constructive cooperation between the authorities and the active part of youth. 

To implement and ensure the stated principles, it is necessary to revise the concept of youth policy, which will be based on the principle of "With youth".


Head of Department of research and international projects 

Zhabina Zh.R.