The main theme of the event was the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan. About 30 young talents of the capital dedicated their lines to the achievements and successes of the Motherland. 

The first to speak was a student of the 5th grade No. 15 of the school in Astana, Asem Seralieva. The girl is an active participant in all school events, in the future she sees herself as a singer, and for this she is already honing her oratorical skills and diction.


From the first grade I love to read poems by heart. Now I know more than 20 poems. Most of all I like to read Abai. His works cover all life issues. These poems never lose their relevance and are in demand among all generations,” says Asem. 

The event was also attended by already established poets, the winner of the international festival of creative youth "Shabyt", the winner of the "Serper" award Sayan Yeszhan, the winner of the state award "Daryn", the award "Serper" Olzhas Kasym. Young people wished excellent studies and an inexhaustible source of inspiration to the beginning creators.


 - I am pleased to see even the smallest children among you. Everyone who is friends with the word, with literature, knows the way to the rich world of poetry. I wish you constant spiritual growth. Your creations are a vivid reflection of the flourishing of our Independence, our state. A country where children create, sing and write poetry is doomed to success and prosperity. Let there be peace on our land, - expressed his wishes Olzhas Kasym, the author of the collection of poems "Bozbetkey", winner of the "Serper" award of the Youth Union.


In the footsteps of his senior comrades, freshman Zhomart Karshygaev is also confidently moving.He already has more than 20 poetic works in his piggy bank, five of which he presented to the public today.


– Inspiration for me is in everything, especially in what pleases and makes happy. An important topic for me was the anniversary of Independence. I have read many books about the history of the country, sovereignty. It cannot leave you indifferent.

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Thoughts in rhyme ask for paper, - admits a student of the University "Astana" Zhomart Karshygaev. All participants of the literary hour received letters of thanks from the leadership of the Library of the Leader of the Nation, as well as a memorable gift - the book "Our President".