In the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a lesson on the topic “Kazakh musical art” was held for schoolchildren of the capital's school No. 45. Zhansaya Shyngyskhankyzy, senior expert of the Cultural and educational projects service, introduced the children to the history of Kazakh national instruments: kobyz, dombra and zhetygen. In addition, during the lesson, schoolchildren learned about the work of the famous musicians of the Kazakh people Korkyt ata, Dauletkerei, Dina Nurpeisova, Amre Kashaubaev, Nurgisa Tilendiev and others.

“The future of our country and the development of the nation is in the hands of young people like you. I hope that you will apply your strengths and talents to lead our nation to success and prosperity, while preserving the history, culture and spiritual heritage of our ancestors”,- the lecturer noted.

In the Library Museum, students were able to listen to the sound of musical instruments and even tried to play them