The guestes of «EXPO-2017» in the Museum of the Elbassy library

The Museum of the Elbassy Library continues to take guests from different regions of Kazakhstan, and foreign countries, who arrived at the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. The number of visitors is increasing every day.

Today the guests from the East Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions acquainted with the history of independent Kazakhstan in the first residence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana (the building of the Museum of the Elbassy Library).

Irina Zigler, russian and literature teacher of from the Vydriha village of the East Kazakhstan region shared her impressions: «Yesterday we visited the exhibition «EXPO-2017». Kazakhstan’s pavilion is very impressive: unusual, powerful, beautiful. Our children liked it very much. The organization of the exhibition is remarkable. Many young volunteers, who are always happy to help. Of course, for the whole day to see the whole exhibition is impossible ».

To the employees of the Museum of the Elbassy library were given special thanks: «This is second time I’ve in this museum. The museum is very interesting. How the Head of State worked, how he lived, studied are always interesting for children. I liked old photos about the President's childhood, his family. Expositions are renewed and each time visitors can see new photos and documents».

Аigerim Маdyora, the schoolgirl of 10th grade from the Atyrau region noted, that had learned a lot new about a life and activity of the President: «I want to express my gratitude to the employees of the Library for their cognitive and interesting excursions».

Gulzhanat Tolysbaeva together with family arrived from the Semey to visit the international exhibition and see Astana.

In the Museum she was impressed by the exhibition of musical instruments: «Just amazing! Surprised by the talent of our masters. No dombra or kobyz is not repeated in the form or material of manufacture. And also, everywhere detailed annotations, etiquettes, photos, installations, touch kiosks – everything is clear and accessible».

Visit to the Museum of the Elbassy library leave an indelible impression: «I'm here for the first time. To visit the office, where the Head of State worked, to visit the first residence, where were made many major decisions for the whole country, it was very exciting for me».