On September 1 this year at a joint session of both Chambers of Parliament, Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev delivered his annual state of the nation to the people of Kazakhstan "A fair state. One nation. Prosperous society."

The current state of the nation address of the President is aimed at implementing constitutional reforms that received the support of the people at the republican referendum, as well as ensuring the socio-economic development of the country. New initiatives have been put forward to systematically address problems and challenges. These initiatives are, in fact, aimed at diversifying the economy, improving the welfare of the population, and further reforming the political architecture to create a New Kazakhstan. All this indicates the consistency of the reform course and its focus on strengthening democracy in the country.

Despite the current challenges, a number of priority issues for further development were raised and many areas were covered, all of them are of high importance and are of a key nature in their direction.  Large funds are allocated for the development of education and health, support for youth and agriculture, all social payments are indexed, pensions are revised, and the project "National Fund for Children" is launched. This means that in the future there are great prospects for the younger generation of Kazakhstanis.

The decision to raise the minimum wage to 70 thousand tenge and to set the retirement age for women at 61 years by 2028 is also very appealing.

Despite the fact that two-thirds of the address was devoted to social and economic issues, the remaining political part also did not leave anyone indifferent. As the President of Kazakhstan noted: "For the early implementation of all the upcoming reforms, this year and next year we will have early presidential and parliamentary elections. We need to show civic activity and vote for the future of the New Fair Kazakhstan." 

The reforms proposed by the President in the address are progressive and timely measures that give a new impulse to the development of the country in new conditions and are a crucial step toward the large-scale process of construction of the New Fair Kazakhstan.

Our future depends on us!


Head of the press service

Nurkenov A.D.