The next state-of-the-nation address of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev dated September 1 touches on many important aspects of our life. An important role is given to political, economic and social reforms aimed at improving the well-being of Kazakhstanis. Modernization and reform of such spheres as healthcare, education, social protection, development of local self-government, tax legislation, judicial and law-enforcement systems, the reboot of the pension system, implementation of the "National Fund for Children" program, and launch of other conceptually new and important initiatives are forthcoming. It is planned to increase the minimum wage from 60 to 70 thousand tenge. There is an instruction from January 2024 to transfer 50% of the annual investment income of the National Fund to the accounts of Kazakh children under 18 years old without the right to early withdrawal. There is no doubt that the contribution to the development of children can be a serious tool for investment, rather than mere accumulation. This is a very important step aimed at supporting children - the future of our country.

A lot of emphasis was placed in the President's address on the field of education - this is the issue of knowledge of Kazakh and Russian languages among schoolchildren, providing students with dormitories, raising the status of teachers and a number of specific instructions given to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Head of State pointed out the need to adjust the social welfare issues of citizens, within which it is planned to introduce the Digital Family Card and Social Wallet initiatives.

In addition to the social block, much attention is paid to the rule of law, public administration and fair legislation. The address outlines the key areas of Kazakhstan's development. Each of us should make every effort in his field of activity to realize the tasks set on the successful implementation of which the future of our republic depends.


Head of the Library Service

Sandugash Absadirova