September 21, ended a two-day training seminar "Kazakhstan's way: Mangilik Yel" for a new group of students from Karagandy and Uralsk. Certificates of completion of the training program have been developed by the Library of the Elbassy to explore conceptual ideas and global initiatives of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Elbassy N. Nazarbayev.   48 students and 2 teachers of West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemissov and Karagandy State University named after academician E. A. Buketov have received it.

The participants of the seminar listened to lectures on themes: "On the way to "Mangilik El": the lessons of history", "Political dimension: independence and national security", "Economic dimension: industrialization and society of universal labor", "Ideological dimension: national community, historical unity and high spirituality," and took part in training sessions and practical interactive classes.

Traditionally, students were given tours of the Museum of the Library of the Elbassy and the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The second day for young people was organized a meeting with Sayassat Nurbek, the managing Director of an International financial Centre "Astana", political scientist, lawyer, master of geopolitics and international security.

The guest of honor, who began his professional career at 15 years and was educated in the USA and Italy later, spoke about his life experiences, attitudes to multilingualism, openly answered students ' questions.

To the question about the secret of his success he simply replied, "There is No secret. It is necessary to avoid three things mentioned Tole Be – stubbornness, laziness and excessive sleep. Be patient and have the courage not to blame their failures on the world. Carry responsibility for your own life. Life gives everyone many chances; you only need to use it."

The speaker also shared his thoughts on what skills will be in demand very soon: "the Future is already here, automation will completely change the labor market. The main value today and in the future is creativity and lateral thinking – that is not yet available to machines and artificial intelligence".

Alina Mamedova, a 3rd year student of West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemissov told about his impressions about the seminar:

– First of all, I would like to thank the organizers, teachers for this nice opportunity to visit such seminar, and even in the capital city. I am proud that I became part of the seminar, held by the Library of the Elbassy. For two days, we have received information in various forms: in the form of lectures, workshops, visits of museums. It was interesting, informative, and most importantly – in plain, accessible language. It was interesting to read a full biography of our President. During these two days, I have greatly expanded my horizons. I participate in student debates at regional and national levels. I am sure that the knowledge gained here is very useful to me, not only in debate, but also in the future to my work. As the saying goes: "Who owns information – owns the world".

– We have studied the concept of the idea "Mangilik El", as reflected in the title of the seminar training. Our lecturers not only familiarized us with the history of this idea and tried to figure out our opinion. Through this approach, we have learned to work in groups and freely express our views and ideas. We thank the Library of the Elbassy for the development of our leadership skills, which are very important in life of each young person and to build a bright future of the country – said in his speech, the student of Karaganda State University named after academician E. A. Buketov Dinara Issina.

After the meeting, Deputy Director of the Library of the Elbassy Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov presented the seminar-training certificates to the participants. He wished the students success in achieving their goals and expressed confidence that the gained knowledge and skills will contribute to it.

We are glad to see you in the Library of the Elbassy. Since yesterday, you pass the training, our scientists in lectures and practical lessons shared you with the latest knowledge. As rightly noted one of the participants of the seminar, we have a special atmosphere. We have many unique documents, books, exhibits. However, the Library is constantly conducted research, operational and fundamental analytical work, training of youth, civil servants and teachers. Within the recently ended EXPO-2017 the Library received more than 70 thousand visitors from all corners of the planet."

The library welcomes new participants of the training seminar and visitors.