On September 12, the solemn event dedicated to the results of the volunteer’s activity “Future energy – volunteers of the Elbassy” took place at the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy.

The evening party began with a theatrical performance “Ancestor’s covenants”, which was prepared by the volunteers as the main participants.

In his welcoming speech to the participants, Deputy Director of the Library of the Elbassy Amirkhan Rakhimzhanov said:

– These three months 77 volunteers from 12 schools of the capital worked with us side by side. The people formed a youth community aimed at developing a positive image of the country through the show, a story about the exhibitions and the Library of the Elbassy. They are true patriots. Now, on behalf of the management and staff of the Libraries of the Elbassy, I express my boundless gratitude to our volunteers for their hard work. I am convinced that their experience will be the basis for future achievements.

"Volunteers of the Elbassy", the volunteers corps of the Library right so call themselves. There was summarized results of the young volunteers work this day. The volunteers of the Elbassy Library told about their contributions to support of our country in the framework of the EXPO-2017, showed a video that gave them the experience of volunteering.

The 3rd year student of ENU named after L.N.Gumilyov Nursila Zhurmanova shared impressions about volunteer activities:

– I am very glad to have witnessed such historic event. For us it was a great honor to work at the Library of the Elbassy. We conducted tours for guests of the Nazarbayev centre. We talked about the history and achievements of our country with great pleasure. During these three months about 70 000 people have visited the Libraries of the Elbassy. Among them there were many foreign tourists, namely from Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, China and other countries. Tours are conducted in Kazakh, Russian, English, and Chinese. I am very grateful to the leadership of our staff and Board of the Library of the Elbassy for the trust and for the invaluable experience; I gained during these three months!

It was my first experience of volunteering for the12th grade student of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools Anel Mustafina:

– Volunteering at the Nazarbayev Centre was an unforgettable practice for me. Very important for me that I met different people from all parts of Kazakhstan and other countries of the world. For me time at the Nazarbayev Centre passed very quickly because I am actually very satisfied with this volunteer program. I am just happy to know that helped to learn more about our beautiful country not only to citizens but also to foreigners.

Youth leaders demonstrated their talents, performing a medley of Kazakh folk kui, a flash mob “Future energy - volunteers of the Elbassy”. At the end of the ceremony, they sang the hymn of the Volunteers of the Elbassy.