Today, on June 30 this year, the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasyopened a personal exhibition of a member of the Union of Artists, corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Kazakhstan Kamila Zhapalova "Steppe Melody", which was organized within the project "Cultural basis of Independence".

"It is delightful to meet again the author, whose creative work attracts viewers with its unique colouringand special technique, 12 years after the first exhibition of Kamila Zhapalova in the Library. The author promotes Kazakh national culture, customs and traditions in her works. Portraits of historical and public figures occupy a special place in the artist's work. I would like to note that today the exhibition features a portrait of the Heroine of the Great Patriotic War, HiuazDospanova, whose 100th anniversary is widely celebrated in Kazakhstan this year," said the Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.Temirbolat.

At the present exhibition, 50 works in "batik" and "oil painting" techniques are featured. Her works have their character and style. Their plots are diverse, primarily based on folklore and lyrical abstraction. The common theme of the paintings is the love for the native land.

"The batik technique, widely used in Indonesia, China, and Japan, has a deep history. For many centuries, the fine art of silk weaving has required dexterity, precision and endurance. I am pleased that I can use this technique and introduce it to Kazakhstanis. If you look at history, the path of development of the batik began with silk clothing. Only wealthy people wore such clothes, and the price was equal to gold. Admiring this art, I began to adapt it to the Kazakh style. My desire to glorify our national code and Kazakh culture through such an art direction is my main goal," K.Zhapalova said.

Kamila Zhapalova is a graduate of A.Kasteev Art School in Shymkent and V.Mukhina Art School in St. Petersburg. She is a laureate of the international festival "Shabyt". 

She has already participated in many international exhibitions in the USA, China, Russia, the UAE and Germany, introducing foreign viewers to the decorative and applied art of the Great Steppe and its features. Kamila, who presented the batik style at the international exhibition ART-EXPO in the USA, was awarded the title of "Founder of the art of the Kazakh national style batik" and a gold medal from members of the New York Realism Fine Art Society.

The "Music of the Steppe" exhibition will open until August 1, 2022.