As the Head of State noted in his election speech: "Our main goal is to build a fair Kazakhstan. To do this, we need to take into account and correct the mistakes of the past, and solve the accumulated problems." The country will move to a new state policy, which will be based on three interrelated principles: a fair state - a fair economy - a fair society.

In accordance with the program, the principle of "A fair State" provides for the continuation of political modernization, based on the formula: "A strong President - an influential Parliament - an accountable Government." In this regard, the actions of the Government, akimats, courts, prosecutor's office, and law enforcement agencies will be aimed at solving the main task - ensuring the well-being and safety of citizens.

"A fair Kazakhstan primarily means fair justice, effective anti-corruption measures and effective police work. Reforms in these areas will ensure the true rule of law, and guarantee respect for the rights of all citizens," the program states.

The State will ensure law and order as the basis of public security, which is necessary for socio-economic reforms.

An important role in the election program is assigned to ensuring the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security of the country. According to the program, the primary task of the State for the next seven years will be the modernization of the army. It will be provided with modern weapons, the system of military education and methods of military management will be improved, and fruitful international cooperation will be established.

One of the important priorities of his election program the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.K.Tokayev marked the struggle against oligopoly: "The oligopolistic capitalism in Kazakhstan gave rise to social inequality and imbalance of the domestic market. The unscrupulous activity of monopolists hindered the growth of real incomes of citizens, drove them into a "poverty trap", and did not allow the middle class to strengthen. We will radically change the model of economic development. The economy will be demonopolized, and the state will significantly reduce its presence in business."

No less important in the new state policy is the second principle of "a fair economy", which means building an economy based on a balance of interests and well-being of citizens, business, and the state, as well as the efficient use of the country's resources. To this end, it is proposed to create a modern productive labor market that ensures high employment and social cohesion of people, and balanced territorial development.

The state will continue to pursue a balanced, transparent tax, budget, monetary, and tariff policy. For example, it is noted that it is necessary to increase the assets of the National Fund up to 100 billion US dollars, decrease the level of the shadow economy to 15% of the GDP and decrease the presence of the state in the economy to 14% by 2025.

Kazakhstan will continue to create an independent energy system, introduce digital technologies in all spheres of life, and agriculture will become a new engine of the domestic economy, science will be focused on new production technologies.

A fair regional policy means a comfortable life for people both in big cities and in small villages. Every family will have access to clean drinking water, high-quality roads, stable cellular communications, and high-speed Internet. New housing will be built, the modernization will also cover the housing and communal services in all regions of the country.

The third section of the program focuses on accessible and quality education. To implement this, it is planned to modernize at least one thousand schools annually in small towns, district centers and villages; open at least 7,000 robotics, chemistry, biology, and physics classrooms in schools; establish 50 children's health camps and build at least 100 new large facilities to develop the creative and intellectual potential of children; give children the opportunity to attend sports sections or creative groups for free; double the size of student scholarships; to solve the issue of the shortage of places in student dormitories.

According to the program, in the field of health care, the emphasis will be placed on the development of rural medicine, the reduction of morbidity of citizens and the increasing life expectancy.

For the social security of the population, Head of State K.K. Tokayev proposes the following measures: implementation from 2024 of the nationwide initiative "National Fund for Children" with the transfer of 50% of the annual investment income of the Fund to the savings accounts of children until they reach 18 years of age; annual transfer of at least 7% of the net income of the "Samruk-Kazyna" Fund to the public fund " Kazakhstan Khalkyna"; increasing from 2023 the amount of social payments for loss of work to 45% of income; provision of personal support for people with special needs; registration of family members caring for persons with disabilities of the first group as individual assistants with payment of wages, inclusion in the work record; launch of a mechanism to compensate at least 30% of the cost of utilities for citizens in need.

Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev believes that young people are the main driving force of changes in society. Therefore, it is necessary to create all the conditions for constructive interaction between the institutions of power and youth. For this purpose a new concept and law on youth policy will be adopted, a youth quota in public councils will be introduced, and soft loans at 2.5% per annum will be provided for young entrepreneurs on a competitive basis. 

In order to create common values and culture among citizens, it is proposed to stimulate the further development and practical use of the State language, while at the same time counteracting any form of discrimination on a linguistic basis.

According to the election program of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev, these items are a priority, and all this should be put into practice. I urge all citizens of Kazakhstan not to stand aside and, together with the President, make every effort to implement the tasks set, which are aimed at improving the well-being and quality of our life.


Head of the Service of Publishing and Editorial Activity 

Togyzbaev N.S.