Our country is entering a new historical period.

The presidential election of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held on November 20th, 2022. It will determine the strategic course of our further development.

The people's coalition, which united parliamentary parties and large public organizations, nominated me as a candidate for Presidency. In this regard, I propose my vision of the development of Kazakhstan for the next seven years.

First of all, I plan to initiate fundamental changes in the economy, social sphere, and regional policy. The reforms will be an effective response to the aspirations of the people and will ensure our resilience to the extreme pressure of external challenges.

Our main goal is to build a Fair Kazakhstan. To achieve that, it is necessary to consider and correct the mistakes of the past, solve the accumulated problems.

The state will put an end to monopolies and ensure a fair distribution of income. Everyone who wants and can work will find a decent employment. Everyone who needs help will be supported by the state and society.

We will completely solve the problem of the shortage of clean water, strengthen food security. The state will provide rural residents with professional medical services.

The state will invest in the education of the younger generation. Problems at all levels of education will be resolved. Our focus will be on the upbringing of children and their well-being.

We will revive the agricultural sector so that living and working in rural areas is no less prestigious than in big cities. Farmers will become a new driving force for the development of our economy.

We will ensure the security on the streets so that residents and guests of the country feel equally comfortable both in cities and in rural areas.

We will continue our foreign policy course aimed at protecting national interests, strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested states, and ensuring international peace and security.

We will move on to a new state policy, which will be based on three interrelated principles: FAIR STATE – FAIR ECONOMY – FAIR SOCIETY.

All decisions will be made in a balanced, open and fair manner, and most importantly by taking into account the interests and demands of society. Therefore, the first principle provides for the continuation of political modernization, the introduction of professional state and corporate governance. The actions of government, akimats, courts, prosecutors’ office and police will be aimed at solving the main task, which is to ensure the well-being and safety of citizens.

The second principle means building an economy based on a balance of interests and well-being of citizens, business and the state, as well as the efficient use of the country's resources. To this end, a modern productive labor market will be created, providing high employment and social cohesion of people, balanced territorial development.

The third principle presupposes the creation of a developed social infrastructure and ample opportunities for realizing human potential. We will build a healthy, educated, hardworking, socially protected and patriotic society.

I intend to implement all this in the very near future. The support of the people will be the main factor in achieving these goals. The more citizens will be involved in the implementation of the planned transformations, the faster we will get the result.

I am sincerely interested in seeing the lives of Kazakhstan citizens improve. It is important that this aspiration is shared by the whole nation.