The modernization of the political system based on the formula “A strong President – an influential Parliament – an accountable Government.” will be continued.

We will form a state apparatus that will work exclusively for the benefit of the nation, ensure the solution of internal socio-economic problems and protect the external interests of the state.

Civil servants will be focused on the true interests of the country and the people. Image projects and situational solutions will be replaced by systematic work. Broad public control, open dialogue, and mandatory consideration of citizens' opinions will become an integral part of public administration and the decision-making process.

Fair Kazakhstan, first of all, implies fair justice, efficient fight against corruption and effective police work. Reforms in these spheres will ensure the true rule of law, guarantee respect for the rights of all citizens.

The state will ensure law and order as the basis of public security, which is absolutely necessary for socio-economic reforms.

The modernization of our army will be an important challenge for the state for the next seven years. We will provide them with modern weapons and strong social incentives. The system of military education, the methodology of military management will be improved and productive international cooperation will be established.

Balanced, constructive diplomacy aimed at ensuring the national interests of the state will be carried out in the international arena.

Political transformations are aimed at forming the basis of a stable state with an optimal balance of all branches of government.

The constitutional reform laid the political and legal basis for a new political model of Kazakhstan.

The political modernization of the country is irreversible.

Our strategic goal is to build a fair state in which decisions will be made based on the consolidated position of the people and the authorities.

The President, elected for a single seven-year term, will be equally distant from all socio-political forces.

The Constitutional Court will become a reliable guarantor of the observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

In the new political model, the civil society institutions, such as non-governmental organizations, social movements, political parties, independent mass media, associations of property owners, trade unions will play an important role.

Direct election of rural and district akims, deputies of district and city maslikhats, appointment of regional akims on an alternative basis, election of deputies of the Mazhilis of Parliament and regional maslikhats under a mixed system – all this will ensure direct, open and inclusive participation of citizens in the formation of key state institutions.


To this end, we will:


  • Systematize the implementation of political reforms aimed at creating an effective state model.

  • Strengthen the work of new institutions, such as the Constitutional Court, the Commissioner for Human Rights, the Commissioner for Children's Rights for the protection of citizens' rights and freedoms;

  • Ensure the fair formation of the Parliament and maslikhats on the basis of the new electoral system, realized by party lists and single-mandate constituencies.

  • Create favorable conditions for open political discussions, new parties, healthy political competition, and the formation of a mature electoral culture.

  • Strengthen the role of the National Kurultai and public councils in the development of civil society.

Form a system of local government through direct election of akims of cities and districts.

Efficient State Apparatus

All state strategies, government and regional programs, industry-based plans and specific solutions should improve the lives of Kazakhstanis.

This is the main and only task of the state apparatus, which will become efficient and technological, will work pragmatically and based on the logic of common sense.

The selection for the public service will be based on the high professional and moral qualities of candidates, and career advancement will be carried out only on the principles of meritocracy.

Personal loyalty to the leaders must irrevocably give way to loyalty to the people and the state.


To this end, we will:


  • Increase the efficiency of the public service system.

  • Continue the practice of the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve, we will give the opportunity to enter the civil service to all professional and patriotic citizens of the country;

  • Create a digital infrastructure for remote interaction of the state with citizens and business.

  • Scale up the “People's participation budget” project to the level of cities of regional significance and villages.


Guarantees of objective and independent justice are a fundamental demand of society and business.

Only the equality of all citizens before the law will strengthen people's confidence in building a legal and fair state.

This requires a highly professional, honest, incorruptible judicial staff.


To this end, we will:


  • Ensure the equal status of all judges.

  • Abandon the repressive approach; strengthen the protection of the rights of citizens caught in the orbit of criminal prosecution.

  • Implement an intelligence system to establish uniformity in the administration of justice.

  • Reform the institution of appeal.

  • Expand the category of cases considered by a jury court.

  • Give the judicial jury the right to check each cancelled judicial act.

  • Expand the use of alternative types of punishment to imprisonment.

  • Establish effective civil proceedings using modern technologies and mediation.

  • Strengthen the system of pre-trial proceedings and ensure real competition between the parties of the prosecution and the defense.

Protection of Citizens' Rights

Protecting the rights of citizens and ensuring their safety will become an absolute priority of law enforcement.

The facts of arbitrary interference in business affairs and other forms of abuse of official authority should irrevocably recede into the historical distance.

To do this, an audit of the criminal and criminal procedure legislation will be carried out in the near future.

All procedures need to be optimized from the point of view of exhaustive establishment of the truth with the minimum necessary involvement of citizens in the orbit of the criminal process.

First and utmost, the laws establishing responsibility must be fair, so the changes will also affect the system of sanctions for committing offenses.

In particular, the scope of public works will be expanded.

Law enforcement agencies should focus on those crimes from which fellow citizens suffer the most, such as domestic violence, drug crimes, fraud, and financial pyramids.

In the sphere of countering “white-collar” crime, the main priority remains to be the fight against corruption till its complete eradication.

It is also necessary to consistently shift the emphasis from fixing crime to its effective prevention.


To this end, we will:


  • Continue the uncompromising fight against corruption.

  • Create a professional, service oriented Kazakhstan police of the XXI century.

  • Take measures to prevent torture and other illegal methods of investigation that degrade human dignity and harm the health of citizens;

  • Increase the effectiveness of the fight against drugs, especially synthetic ones;

  • Strengthen the prosecutor's supervision on the observance of the constitutional rights of citizens.

  • Expand the participation of citizens in the development of solutions for the prevention of offenses and law enforcement.

  • Take a set of measures to more effectively counteract domestic violence, including further strengthening of legal responsibility.

Security of The Country

Ensuring the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security of the country is a sacred duty of all citizens, a bearing task of our Armed Forces and foreign policy.

We will continue to modernize the army and improve the conditions of military service. The protection of life and health of the military personnel is the main priority of this work.

Measures to strengthen territorial defense and improve the quality of military education will be taken.

Military personnel will become the symbol of Kazakhstan's patriotism.


To this end, we will:


  • Pursue a balanced foreign policy aimed at the protection of national interests, the development of preventive mechanisms to ensure regional security;

  • Increase Kazakhstan's contribution to strengthening the system of international security within the framework of the UN;

  • Continue the creation of a high-tech and mobile army equipped with advanced weapons and control systems capable of adequately respond to the challenges of the country's military security;

  • Take measures to develop the military-industrial complex, taking into account the transfer of modern technologies and high localization of production;

  • Improve the system of military education, focusing it on the training of professional military personnel, as well as raise the level of military science;

  • Improve the prestige of military service, strengthen the status of military personnel and the reputation of the Kazakhstan’s army;

  • Introduce new approaches to patriotic education of young people in the spirit of devotion to the people of Kazakhstan, unconditional fulfillment of military duty to protect the homeland.