The implementation of a fair social policy is the basic condition for building a Fair Kazakhstan.

The State is directly responsible for the education, health and well-being of citizens. Our social budget continues to grow – we allocate trillions of tenge for the construction and modernization of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, cultural and sports facilities, as well as targeted assistance.

Behind the large figures lie the interests of people – every person in need of support should receive personal assistance from the state.

In our country, for a long time, spending on the social sector was considered as a forced measure. We will radically change this approach.

From now on, social investments will work as direct investments in human capital. All the efforts and funds that we will invest in people will become the basis of economic growth.

We will create the most comfortable learning conditions for our children, we will provide them with modern and safe kindergartens and schools, free meals, additional education, high-speed Internet.

The shortage of student places and student dormitories will be eliminated, and a digital environment in the education system will be formed.

Colleges and universities will educate professional specialists, who are in demand globally and domestically.

Citizens will greater access to high-quality medical services.

Combining the efforts of the state and business, we will modernize the healthcare system. This will contribute to strengthening the health of the nation, increasing people's life expectancy.


Social programs will expand the opportunities of our labor market. We will increase the amount of social benefits, introduce new tools to support vulnerable groups of the population. We will help people to provide basic needs and improve their lives through new knowledge and productive work.



Affordable and Quality Education

There are about 6.5 million children in our country. All of them, regardless of their place of residence and language of education, should have equal access to basic knowledge, digital technologies, and comfortable educational infrastructure.

The values of education are at the core of the Fair Kazakhstan.

The more talented, educated and patriotic children we bring up, the faster we will improve the overall well-being.

A special role is assigned to our teachers. We will steadily improve their social status, create all conditions for their creative work, free them from non-core functions.

The honorable title of a teacher will become synonymous with indisputable authority and a source of wisdom.


To this end, we will:


  • Provide children from 2 to 6 years old with high-quality preschool education and training.
  • Create a unified and user-friendly information system for the distribution of places in state kindergartens, which will allow implementing the principle of “money for a child”.
  • Provide free meals for children from socially vulnerable families in kindergartens and free hot meals for all primary school students.
  • Introduce 1.5 million student places with comfortable learning conditions to finally address the problem of overloaded classrooms, dilapidated schools and three-shift education.
  • Upgrade at least one thousand schools in small towns, district centers and villages to modern standards annually.
  • Open at least 7,000 modern classrooms for robotics, chemistry, biology, and physics.
  • Initiate innovative methods of teaching disciplines and convert the necessary educational materials into digital format.
  • Students will receive identification cards that will provide instant access to educational materials and will serve as pass cards and payment cards, replacing heavy backpacks.
  • A rental program will be launched for children without computers, and students from socially vulnerable families will receive computers for free.
  • Provide educational institutions with security measures. All colleges, schools and kindergartens will receive the appropriate equipment.
  • Create 50 children's health camps, build at least 100 new large facilities to develop the creative and intellectual potential of children: palaces of schoolchildren, stations of young technicians, children's technological parks, music and art schools.
  • Every willing child will be given the opportunity to attend a sports section or a creative club for free.
  • Double the amount of student scholarships.
  • All students will get free access to the world's digital libraries;
  • Resolve the issue of shortage of places in student dormitories.

Modern Medicine

The key goals of the domestic healthcare system are to reduce the morbidity of citizens and increase life expectancy.

For this purpose, we will strengthen the training of professional personnel and preventive work, as well as restore rural medicine. High-quality medical care will be provided in every city, district center, and large village. This is one of the most important principles of the Fair Kazakhstan.

The emphasis will be placed on the development of branches of medicine, where citizens have to apply to foreign clinics. Import substitution and the development of medical tourism in Kazakhstan will become priorities in the development of healthcare.

A sustainable model for the development of the industry will be created with a level of financing in 2027 of at least 5% of GDP.

The tasks of increasing the availability and quality of medical care cannot be realized without raising the status and prestige of the medical profession.

In the first months of the pandemic, we faced a shortage of essential medicines. This must not happen again.

Supplying the domestic market with affordable Kazakh and high-quality foreign medicines will be a separate big task. Domestic pharmaceutical production will become competitive and meet international standards.


To this end, we will:


  • Strengthen the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, comprehensively increase the literacy of the population on health issues.
  • Improve the quality of the compulsory social health insurance system;
  • Legislate the status of the medical profession, strengthen the protection and support of medical workers;
  • Expand the preventive screening program for the entire population, including for oncological and non-communicable diseases.
  • Open the National Center for Pediatric Oncology And Hematology.
  • Build a network of modern well-equipped perinatal centers staffed with qualified medical personnel.
  • Comprehensively modernize the oncological service.
  • Launch a single consultative stroke center to provide timely assistance. 
  • Increase the share of domestically produced medicine in the internal market to 50%.
  • Open 700 new well-equipped medical facilities in rural areas staffed with professional personnel.
  • Provide specialized and high-tech medical care (at the level of city and regional hospitals) to more than four million villagers. 
  • Expand access to health services at the location through telemedicine.
  • Through digitalization, we will reduce doctors’ burden of reporting and provide every citizen with full access to information about their health.
  • Provide citizens with access to prescriptions for medicines in their personal account on the e-Government portal and the eGov mobile application.

Social Security

All our social expenditures are investments in the development of the nation's potential.

Therefore, we will help people overcome life hardships, stimulate their desire to work and improve their own well-being.

Children and citizens with special needs will be the first to receive special care from the state.

We will make every effort to improve the lives of citizens of our state, develop the education system, social and transport infrastructure. Special jobs will be created for people with special needs.

All mechanisms for ensuring social guarantees of citizens will be established under in the Social Code.


To this end, we will:


  • From 2024, launch the nationwide National Fund for Children initiative, transfering 50% of the annual investment income of the National Fund to the savings accounts of children until they turn 18.
  • Ensure the annual transfer of at least 7% of the net income of the Samruk-Kazyna Fund to the Kazakhstan Halkyna public fund.
  • Strengthen the system of support for temporarily unemployed citizens.
  • Increase the unemployment benefits to 45% of income;
  • Provide employment for people with special needs by implementing social projects on social entrepreneurship through the Kazakhstan Khalkyna public fund.
  • Ensure personal support for people with special needs from their birth.
  • Provide an opportunity for all citizens with special needs to choose a service, product, supplier, organization and social worker through the Social Services Portal.
  • Procure the registration of family members caring for persons with disabilities of the first group as individual assistants with payment of wages, social contributions and inclusion in the employment record.
  • Introduce an alternative form of placement of orphans and children left without parental care into foster professional families.
  • Create a Digital Family Map that will cover all areas of human life related to receiving state support in a proactive format, without contacting various authorities. The information system will make the state's assistance targeted and fair.
  • Transfer the guaranteed social package provided to children from low-income families aged 1 to 6 years from grocery to cash assistance.
  • Increase the period of social payments for childcare from 1 year to 1.5 years.
  • Launch a mechanism to compensate at least 30% of utility costs for citizens in need.
  • Adopt a Law on the Bankruptcy of Natural Persons. 


Shared Values And Culture


The people build the state, and common values unite the people.

The main values of the Fair Kazakhstan are its Independence, territorial integrity, unity, patriotism, hard work, family values, history, and national traditions. By strengthening these values, we protect our country from internal and external challenges and ensure a prosperous future for its citizens.


To this end, we will:

  • Promote further development and the use of the state language.
  • Firmly combat any forms of language-based discrimination.
  • Continue the policy of strengthening interethnic unity and interfaith accord based on the universal principle of Unity in Diversity.
  • Nominate unique objects of historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Promote Kazakhstan in the international arena as a country of unique national culture and a territory of peace, harmony, kindness, tolerance.

New Generation

Young people are the main driving force of changes in society. 

Our youth is eager and ready to take an active part in the fate of the country.

We will create all conditions for constructive interaction between government institutions and talented, active representatives of the new generation.

In order to do this, we will revise the concept of youth policy, move from the principle of For Youth to the principle of With Youth.

We will ensure equal socio-economic opportunities for the full self-realization of all young citizens of our country.


To this end, we will:

  • Adopt a new concept and a law on youth policy.
  • Introduce a youth quota in public councils.
  • Provide preferential loans to young entrepreneurs on a competitive basis at 2.5% per annum;
  • Ensure additional grant assistance to young entrepreneurs with special needs.
  • Support the development of the creative industry.
  • Regularly hold international festivals of young talents in the following areas: music, cinema, theater, literature, digital graphics and others.
  • Award annual Generations of Independence grants
  • Strengthen the volunteer movement.

Environmental Thinking

The condition of ecology, which affects the health and quality of life of citizens, is on the list of state priorities. 

We must rationally use natural resources and protect the environment, introduce new mechanisms for its protection and promotion of clean technologies. We will strengthen environmental culture in society. 

The emissions will be reduced and the conservation of biodiversity will be ensured. 

This extremely important work will contribute to the restoration of ecological balance.


To this end, we will:

  • Radically revise approaches to improving the quality of environmental education at all levels of education, from kindergartens to universities.
  • Reduce the emission of harmful substances by 20%, including by strengthening environmental control at industrial enterprises of the country, primarily the largest ones.
  • Ensure the adoption of a new Water Code aimed at the rational use, protection and purification of water resources.
  • Preserve the ecosystems of the country's water bodies, firstly by protecting them from pollution by industrial enterprises.
  • Increase the area of forests to 14.5 million hectares.
  • Begin to restore the number of rare and endangered species of wild animals.

Create the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles in all major cities.