Alexandria and a Long History of Mosaics

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina organizes a lecture entitled “Alexandria and a Long History of Mosaics”, delivered by Dr. Iman Mohsen Shahawy, Head of Antiquities Affairs at the Mosaic Center, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
The lecture tackles the art of mosaic, especially during the Hellenistic period, and the unique position of Alexandria with regard to this ancient art. It also highlights different samples of mosaic artefacts, which were discovered in Alexandria, Jerash, Libya, and throughout the Mediterranean.

The Heydar Aliyev center to host the Avishai Cohen trio
On December 6, the concert by the Avishai Cohen Trio is to be held at the Heydar Aliyev Center. The jazz fest will bring together Avishai Cohen (bass), Elchin Shirinov (piano) and Roni Kaspi (drums).
The Azerbaijani pianist and composer Elchin Shirinov is to share the stage with Avishai Cohen. In recent 3 years, the musicians enjoyed a great deal of cooperation that made the trio worldwide renowned. Elchin Shirinov was actively involved in releasing the new album by the Avishai Cohen Trio.

Exhibition "Main directions of improving national security"
The Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus presents to your attention the thematic exhibition "Main directions of improving national security", which was first demonstrated in November 2021 within the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Main directions of improving national security".
Books and periodicals presented at the thematic exhibition cover the most pressing issues that were considered during the discussion at the event. The content of the exhibition was divided into informational "blocks", including "Color" revolutions", "Management of the masses", "Migration policy" and "Information confrontation". 

Out of paw-ffice: White house pets 
The White House Historical Association and the LBJ Presidential Library are pleased to invite K-12 educators to join “Out of Paw-ffice: White House Pets,” a virtual professional development program. Through this program, educators will discover stories of past White House pets and learn different strategies for incorporating this history into their classrooms. After the program, attendees will receive access to all session materials and will have the opportunity to complete an evaluation.

Humanoid Robot
Technology Workshop was organized at the Nation’s Library of the Presidency on 5 December 2021.
The event was organized with children in the 9-13 age group. The aim of this activity is to examine the working principle of a robot with a humanoid body and joint structure.

New Year's program at the Yeltsin Center 2021/2022
The visitors of the Yeltsin Center will see unusual Christmas trees, amazing decorations and incredible design solutions that will help you get closer to nature.
The authors of the New Year's ice town in front of the Yeltsin Center were sisters Elena and Marina Erkovich. The opening of the ice town will take place on December 25.  
On the same dates, Yeltsin Center will hold New Year's interactive programs of the Boris Yeltsin Museum, special master classes and family classes at the Children's Center and screenings of the play “New Year's Dreams of Christmas Tree Ornaments”.
A concert programs will help adults to create festive mood, which includes screenings of recordings of the best theatrical performances (including the ballet The Nutcracker of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia), as well as historical festive dinners prepared by restaurant critic Yakov Mozhaev, employees of the Boris Yeltsin Museum and the cafe "1991".