Evening talks with David Eisenhower at the Eisenhower Presidential Library

On April 12, David Eisenhower presented on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s military career. Keeping in line with their annual theme of “The Making of a Leader” this program will focus on General Eisenhower’s growth and rise as a leader, his leadership style and legacy.

Mr. Eisenhower is the author of Going Home to Glory: A Memoir of Life with Dwight Eisenhower 1961- 1969. He sits on numerous non-profit boards and advisory commissions. He has previously served as the Chairman of the Eisenhower Foundation and former member of Eisenhower Memorial Commission.



JFK Presidential Library Launches New Digital Resource Highlighting JFK’s Treasures

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum announces the launch of an online resource featuring the Library’s artifact collection. Since the Library opened in 1979, visitors have seen original records and artifacts from JFK’s presidency. Now, these priceless historic artifacts will be available online to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The release of this artifact digital archive is part of a multi-year effort to make data, descriptions, and images from all of the Presidential Libraries artifact collections available on Presidential Library and National Archives websites. The first collection made available at the FDR Presidential Library in April 2020.

Images of over 2500 artifacts including original artwork, ceremonial items, political and personal memorabilia, and many of the original furnishings and decorative items from JFK’s Oval Office, are presented with detailed information including dimensions, descriptions, historical background, and links to artists, manufacturers and historic figures associated with each artifact.



“Oceans of Plastic” exhibit at George Bush Museum

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing consumer and environmental issues that we face today. Oceans of Plastic, by artist Shelia Rogers, is a strangely beautiful collection of approximately 35 pieces of art made from plastics acquired from beaches along the Texas Gulf Coast. Shelia Rogers noticed the ever-increasing accumulation of single-use plastics on Texas beaches she frequents. Rogers began collecting the plastic and transforming it into vibrant works of art to highlight the true impact of plastics on our wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Oceans of Plastic, on exhibit through July 5, 2022. It features art constructed from everyday plastic items, such as straws, lighters, and juice bottles. Animals, especially in ocean environments, mistake brightly color plastics for food, which can cause injury or even death. Oceans of Plastic challenges each visitor to make small lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of plastics waste each of us create in order to minimize the effects of plastic pollution on our oceans and beaches.



Opening of the "Think, Transform, Sustain" Exhibition at the Nation's Library of the Presidency

The “Think, Transform, Sustain” Exhibition was opened on April 22 at the Nation's Library of the Presidency.

Turkey’s children dreamed, designed and created the exhibition of their dreams. In the exhibition, works designed by the students of seven different schools from seven regions and seven cities are exhibited. With these works, students tell us how we can shape our future, how we can make peace with nature, and how we can protect the ecological balance.

The “Think, Transform, Sustain” project aims to do more than look at the world of tomorrow with hope, based on a solution-oriented perspective on preventing and restoring nature's destruction. He draws attention to the fact that the future starts from today and emphasizes that the transformation must begin immediately.