As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Akikat club at the Library of Elbasy organized a debate tournament "Independence is the supreme value". The best schoolchildren of the capital competed for the title of the strongest experts and the challenge cup of the Library of Elbasy.

The main theme of the tournament was the Independence of Kazakhstan and the achievements of the state over three decades of sovereign development. The tasks and questions of the intellectual competition were aimed at developing critical thinking skills among young people through the analysis of topical issues of the history of Kazakhstan.

The students discussed the policy of trilingualism in Kazakhstani schools, the idea of "getting out of the comfort zone", the benefits and harms of distance learning, shared their ideas and thoughts.


Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy Botagoz Kaipova congratulated the participants of the tournament on the 10th anniversary of the debate club "Akikat" and stressed the importance of holding such competitions among young people.
"It has become a good tradition to hold an annual tournament for the Elbasy Library Cup. Having gathered here, on an open discussion platform, you have the opportunity to express your views and opinions, moreover, you become friends. Through such discussions, you learn to share your thoughts on a particular topic, listen to the opinions of others, and support each other. Today the debate club "Akikat", which is 10 years old, already has its own audience. I am sure that the club will achieve even greater success in the future", B. Kaipova said.
The tournament was attended by 33 teams, which included students of schools in the city of Nur-Sultan. Among them, 20 teams are in Kazakh and 12 - in Russian.
The prizes were distributed as follows:
In the Kazakh league:
I place - No. 15 lyceum, "Amanat" team;
II place-No. 69 school-gymnasium, team "Ziyatker";
III place-No. 5 gymnasium, team "Aksuyekter".
Russian League:
I place-No. 3 school-gymnasium, team "Mitra";
II place-No. 1 school-lyceum, team "Phoenix";
III place-No. 82 lyceum "Daryn", team "Daryn".
In addition, the winners were determined in the categories "Best Speaker", "Best Judge", "Best Coach". All winners and prize-winners were awarded special diplomas and memorable gifts.