However, we should recognize that the attitude towards him in society is now ambiguous.

However, if we discard emotions and remember the origins of the holiday, it becomes clear that this date has a special place in the history of our Independent state.

On this day, December 1, 1991, for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, general direct presidential elections were held. As a result, our people, on the basis of free will, elected the Head of their state. Notice, without any pointer from the outside. Now it seems to be taken for granted. Then, it was a colossal breakthrough after centuries of colonial dependence on the Russian Empire, followed by decades of existence in a totalitarian state. Our fellow citizens then entrusted their future to the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

From the very first days, the institution of the presidency has become the core of the state-political system and a true locomotive of reforms, which has ensured all the key achievements of our country over the years of independence.

Now Kazakhstan is entering a new stage of its development, and the institute of presidency is still the core of our state, around which our people rally. The elections held on November 20 of this year, following which Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was elected President of the country, confirmed the nationwide support for the course of reforms to build a New Fair Kazakhstan.

On November 26, in his speech at the Inauguration ceremony the Head of State said: «Our people defended their freedom in the most difficult times.Kazakhstan gained its independence in a relentless struggle for freedom. We must give a fair assessment of the historical figures who made a huge contribution to the creation and strengthening of our sovereign state. Only time and history can provide an evaluation of the successes and failures. Time is the fairest judge; history is the measure of truth. If we want to be a just state, we must evaluate the past objectively and learn from it. This is the rule a forward-looking state must adhere to».

I do not think there is anything left to say. This is one of the fundamental principles of the New Fair Kazakhstan.

Happy holiday, dear compatriots!


Director of the Library

of the First President of

the Republic of Kazakhstan​​​​