I warmly congratulate you on Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

In this difficult time, when the whole world is plunged into a whirlpool of political and economic turbulence, such concepts as "sovereignty" and "independence" acquire special value.

We should never forget how hard we got freedom. What a difficult historical path our people have traveled in the struggle for their own statehood.

As the Head of State K.K. Tokayev said: "Independence was not given to us as a gift or by chance. Its values run like a golden thread through many centuries of national history. Our people have always cherished the idea of statehood. Because a nation with a historically independent state is considered successful because it retains its own choice of development."

Over the past three decades, we have continued with honor the great history of our ancestors with new achievements and successful transformations, achieving global recognition and tangible progress. Kazakhstan has managed to build a democratic, legal and economically independent state. Today we live in a country free of nuclear weapons, with a developing market economy, internationally recognized borders, multinational unity, and an active multi-vector foreign policy, and we are a deservedly full member of the international community.

And most importantly, today we have a whole "generation of independence", those who were born and grew up in a sovereign country. They have completely different worldviews and lifestyles. And it is they who will have to build a New Fair Kazakhstan, proud of our past and striving for a better future. I am sure we have new heights ahead of us.

Let me sincerely wish all people of Kazakhstan peaceful skies over their heads, health and well-being, harmony and mutual understanding, and stability and prosperity to our Kazakhstan! Together we are united! 

Happy Independence Day!


Director of the Library
of the First President of
the Republic of Kazakhstan​​​​