The message of the President K.K.Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan "A just state. One nation. A prosperous society" is dictated by the need for a deep restructuring of almost all spheres of life of the state and society.

At the same time, the emphasis in the current Address is placed on solving the pressing issues of the country's population in conditions of inflation and rising prices for basic types of products and essential goods.

To this end, the Head of State, having outlined the systemic problems of the economy, first of all - its dependence on raw materials, low labor productivity, insufficient level of innovation, uneven distribution of income, identified specific ways to overcome them.

For example, phasing out government intervention in pricing, with the exception of non-competitive markets; new tax and budget codes.

Measures to support entrepreneurship are outlined separately. This is the provision of financial support by the state, primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises; the transition to a new system of public procurement, where priority is given to the quality of purchased goods and services, rather than the minimum price, and, of course, affordable lending to enterprises.

The Message pays special attention to the development of the real sector of the economy. In particular, to increase the investment attractiveness of the industrial sector on the basis of special economic zones.

An important point of the Message is the demonopolization of the economy. The Head of State has repeatedly spoken about the need to transfer a number of large objects of the economy to state ownership, especially in terms of combating the dominance of monopolists and eliminating the network of unnecessary intermediaries.

The Head of State also focuses on the development of agriculture, which forms the foundation of the country's food security. In this regard, the Message sets the tasks of increasing agricultural production, developing advanced technologies and new approaches to subsidizing the industry, and radically expanding rural cooperation.

In general, the implementation of the priorities outlined in the socio-economic block of the President's Address will create equal opportunities for each of the members of Kazakhstan's society.

At the same time, the success of the planned reforms is impossible without the active participation of representatives of the legislative branch of government. In this regard, much will depend on the new composition of the Parliament. The proposal to hold early elections for deputies of the Mazhilis and maslikhats in 2023 is justified not only from the point of view of supporting the large-scale socio-economic reforms initiated, but also a timely reboot of the political system.

Thus, Kazakhstan faces great challenges that will require the mobilization of the efforts of the entire nation and its cohesion around the course of the President's reforms.


Deputy Director

Libraries of the First President

of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dulat Zhukenov