Employees of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a film lecture in the military unit No. 6636 of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dedicated to Capital's Day.

"Today, our capital is one of the unique brands of Kazakhstan. This city is justifiably associated with the name of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The city has established itself not only as the political and administrative center of the country, but the new capital has inspired confidence in the Kazakh people, has become the locomotive of new reforms, a symbol of the country's renewal, a real embodiment of the new independent Kazakhstan", said N. Musina, leading researcher of the Cultural and Educational Projects Service.

During the lecture, accompanied by the demonstration of fragments of documentaries and unique archival documents, the military personnel were comprehensively and extensively demonstrated the main stages of the city's history. Besides, the lecturer acquainted the listeners with the analysis of Kazakhstan's experience of moving the capital and the primary initiatives in the creation of the main city of the republic.

"I would like to thank the Library of the First President for organizing the film lecture "The Capital is the Symbol of Independent Kazakhstan". It was very informative and exciting for the service members from different regions of our country.

Nur-Sultan is not just a capital city for all Kazakhstanis but one of the symbols of independence and the most important national project. The relocation of the capital was the beginning of a new global era in the history of our state," said the senior assistant to the head of the educational and social and legal department of the military unit, captain A. Mukhamedrakhimova.