Every day the Elbassy library receives guests from countries near and far abroad.

The delegation of the State Hermitage visited the building of the Museum of the Elbassy library in the framework of the «Days of the Hermitage» in Astana. The leading employees of the Hermitage included to the delegation: the deputy general director and chief curator Svetlana Adaksina, the head of the department of restoration and conservation Tatyana Baranova; the head of the «Arsenal» department Dmitry Lyubin; the head of the laboratory of restoration of precious metals of the department of scientific restoration and conservation Igor Malkiel; the research officer of the «Arsenal» department, curator of the Eastern weapons Vsevolod Obraztsov; the head of the weapons section of the «Arsenal» department Yury Efimov and others.

After the excursion the delegation’s head Svetlana Adaksina shared with her impressions about the Museum and Astana:

– We have been connected with the cultural institutions of Astana by close creative and human contacts for several years. Astana is a terrific city. This phenomenon of urban development and the national idea, a city consructed with love. There live amazing people whose eyes are shining. I think, here all the enthusiasts of their city, their culture. It fascinates and energizes.

The employees of the Kirov gymnasium named after Hero of the Soviet Union Sultan Baimagambetov, of Kirovsk of Leningrad region were acquainted with the expositions of the Elbassy library with particular interest: the head of the library and information center, the deputy director for educational work Ekaterina Musina and the history teacher Galina Afanasyeva. The name of the famous hero of the Patriotic War of Sultan Baimagambetov was given to the school in 2001.

– Hero of the Soviet Union Sultan Baimagambetov was killed in the Sinyavino swamps, defending Leningrad. In July 1943 during another attempt to break the Leningrad’s blockade he closed his chest the embrasure of the enemy bunker. Since 2002, we have been cooperating with the Auliekol secondary school of the Kostanay region, which also bears the name of Sultan Baimagambetov. Two divisions from Kazakhstan defended our city on the Sinyavino offensive. Many people of Kazakhstan died, maintained work on reburial of the remains of the fallen soldiers. We visited several schools and universities in Astana to acquaint with the Kazakhstan experience of military-patriotic education, – told Ekaterina Musina.

The guests told About the creation of the Memorial on the Sinyavinsk offensive, the alley of memory to the heroic-warriors of the Kazakhstan who died for Leningrad. The S. Baimagambetov's nephews – Auezhan and Asylmardan Kadyrbaev were accompanied the guests.

The guests expressed their gratitude for the organization of the excursion and expressed their desire to acquaint with the educational projects of the Elbassy library.