October 6, 2017, the regular meeting of the Academic Council under the chair of the Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council, Deputy Director Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov has been held at the Library of the First President.

Opening the meeting, Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov congratulated all on the important event – the accreditation of the Library of the Elbassy in the MES RK as a subject of scientific technical activities.

-Is a huge work of our great team. I can proudly say that our organization are not just employees with academic degrees, namely the leading scientists of the Republic. There is no doubt that this is the result of proper personnel policy implemented at the Library of the Elbassy.

The activity of the Academic Council, as a collegial scientific Advisory and analytical body, aimed at developing conceptual and strategic documents regulating key activities of the Library of the Elbassy. The main provisions of the Concept of the research activities of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan in accordance with the first item on the agenda in his speech highlighted the doctor of political Sciences, Professor, leading researcher of the cultural and educational projects Service lyailya Ivatova.

- Mission of research activities of the Library is the scientific and historical understanding, intellectual support, public promotion initiatives and policies of the President, the dissemination of state-building or "Model N. Nazarbayev," the development of scientific direction "Elbassytanu" in the Humanities and social Sciences – said the speaker.

The head of the archival work branch Zhangeldy Baymoldin presented to the members of the Academic Council a Guide to collections of the Personal archive of the Head of state:

– This guide is a basic structural guide to collections of the Personal archive of the head of state. It was created for the purpose of General familiarization with the structure and content of documents on the life and activities of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan stored in the Personal archive of the head of State. Based on the specifics of the Fund of the Personal archive, the publication differs from the traditional archival guides.

Today the Library of the President implementes a set of scientific, educational, cultural-educational projects directed on Patriotic education of young generation, formation of highly spiritual culture, preservation of national cultural heritage. It should be noted that all projects are combined under the scientific program "the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Elbassy N. Nazarbayev: strategy of governance and the phenomenon of leadership" in the framework of which prepared a set of publications of scientific-methodical and scientific-research character. The meeting unanimously recommended for publication the scientific-methodical manual "Astana: 20 years of creation", the methodical manual for the course "Elbassytanu", educational methodical complex "Kazakhstan's way: Mangilik El", the "Collection of Museum lessons for the 2016-2017 academic year," textbook "Ideas changing the world" and museological study: "the History of Astana in the exhibits of the Museum collection". Each drafting represented on the scientific Council is the result of years of creative exploration and painstaking research of the Elbassy Library staff.

During the meeting, members of the scientific Council discussed all the issues on the agenda and expressed constructive opinions.