on the rules of the mass media work at the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy


I. For filming (video, photo), interviews, etc., initiated by the media, you must send a request in advance to the Director of the Elbassy Library Mr. Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov (email:; tel./fax +7 (7172) 69-30-08, 69-30-07). Request must be signed by the head of sending organization, stamped, and contain a clear information on:

1) the specific purpose and format of the proposed filming (TV plot, broadcast, documentary, etc.) with the application of the scenario plan.

2) accurate shooting date and time;

3) the language of scenes recording (Kazakh, Russian, English or other);

4) the intended participants of the shooting or interview from among the staff of the Library;

5) the need a tour at the Library buildings (Nazarbayev centre or Museum of the Library);

6) the number of the crew members (Name, position).


II. After obtaining permission for film shooting, you must address all organizational issues (registration pass through the checkpoint, providing additional information about the Library, etc.) to the Press service of the Library.

(tel. 69 30 56; 69 30 57).


III. To cover the events organized by the Library of Elbassy, it is necessary to apply for accreditation by phone numbers listed in the press releases or by the Press service.


IV. During the filming, follow the rules of visiting cultural and Museum institutions and ensure the safety of exhibits and equipment.

         Information about the events held by the Elbassy Library, You could get from the Press service or on official website of the Library  

We hope for mutual understanding and effective cooperation.

         Note: foreign media must have accreditation at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.