One of the main and especially significant places in the museum collection of the Library has the fund of awards of the Head of state. It includes the highest state and public awards collection.


Weapon and ammunition collection

Weapon and ammunition collection includes firearm, cold steel arms, armament, horse equipment, ammunition (other military and hunting equipment).

Souvenirs collection

Souvenirs collection includes decorative dishes, souvenir panels (memorable plates, letters, panels), memorable souvenirs (compositions, figurines, steles, symbols of power, religion and cult items, musical instruments, plaquette, souvenir keys), sports souvenirs, caskets, souvenir miniatures.

Material culture collection

Material culture collection includes miniatures, sports equipments and board games, production tools and product samples, musical instruments, household items, cars, archaeological artifacts.

Soft stock collection

Soft stock collection includes household items (towels, cloths, napkins), vexillology (flags, banners, standards, pennants), soft souvenirs made of different types of fabrics, soft materials.

Clothes collection

Clothes collection includes the personal clothes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, special clothing (sports, working, business, military), national clothes of different nations, gowns of domestic and foreign educational and scientific institutions, headdresses, footwear.

Numismatics collection

Numismatics collection includes numismatics (coins), notaphily (banknotes and bonds), phaleristic (medals, breastplates, badges, sports medals), philately (stamps, post envelopes, cards), heraldry (coats of arms, models of the coats of arms, in the form of souvenirs), sphragistics (seals, stamps).

Art collection

Art collection includes sculpture, painting, graphics, arts and crafts, schematic and spatial images, photographic reproductions, children's drawings.

Ыдыс-аяқ топтамасы

Ыдыс-аяқ топтамасына вазалар (сәндік, едендік, гүлдерге, тәттіге, жеміс-жидекке арналған), асханалық ыдыстар (шай сервиздері, кофе сервиздері, ас үй заттары, тәрелкелер және табақтар), сыйға тартылған жинақтар (графиндер, құмыралар, стақандар, тостақандар, фужерлер, ішуге арналған ыдыстар, саптыаяқтар), ұлттық үй заттары (сабылар, торсықтар, құмыралар, шайқағыш) кіреді.