On December 13 at 15.00, the Elbasy Library will host a parade of historical performances “Kazakh Eli – Mangilik El”, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event was organized by the Library of Elbasy together with the Department of Education of Astana as part of the educational program under the project “Political Initiatives of N.A. Nazarbayev in the Formation and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan” with the aim of forming Kazakh patriotism among the younger generation, fostering a careful attitude to the history and culture of the Fatherland.

"Kazakh eli - Mangilik el" is an interesting, informative, costumed performance in which students of lyceum schools No. 49, 68, 76, 79 will present historical dramatizations "Altyn adam turaly anyz", "Turki alemi", "Otyrar apaty" , "Kazakh khandygy", "Alash ziyalylary". On the example of the glorious deeds of the great ancestors, who defended and defended every inch of their native land, the participants of the event will feel their involvement in historical events from the Saka period to the Independent Republic.